Gastric Mind Band: Weight Loss by Hypnosis

A British woman lost over 44lbs in weight and dropped her dress size from 22 to 14 in four months after being hypnotized into believing she had a gastric band fitted. She is understandably ecstatic with the result. She says she is now completely satisfied with small food portions, and simply cannot eat the same large food portions she was used to.

Marion Corns told the UK newspaper The Sun that she decided to try this procedure after her weight ballooned to 216 lbs. She is 35 and a mum of three from Whiston, Merseyside. Before going on this treatment Marion tried “every other diet and plan the world has to offer”, including Atkins, Weightwatchers, Slimfast, milkshakes, weight loss pills, and even a personal trainer!

The treatment was completed over five sessions, during which Marion was talked through each step of the medical procedure as if she was operated on for real. So strong were the suggestions that Marion “remember” every part of the procedure right from being wheeled into theater, the sound made by the surgical equipment and even the smell of the anesthetic. Marion started losing weight after the 4th session and felt a tightening sensation in her stomach after the fifth.

To contribute to the “realness” of the experience Marion was asked to handle a model of a stomach and gastric band, while smells and sounds of the operating room were introduced into the room by computer driven equipment as she was undergoing her treatment. At the end of the treatment it was suggested to her that her stomach was the size of a golf ball.

Marion underwent the treatment in Spain, after hearing about the Elite Clinic in Marbella. She discovered they carried out this revolutionary “gastric mind band” therapy from a friend, who used services from this clinic to give up smoking. The clinic is owned by a British couple, Martin and Marion Shirran.

According to Martin Shirran, this form of “imagined” surgery is not new, but its application in the weight loss field is believed to be pioneering. Obviously the treatment also includes helping patients to adopt a healthy lifestyle following the procedure to improve the chances of long term success.

Many people are skeptical about hypnosis, and rightly so; since there are many scam artists operating in the market. That hypnosis can be of great benefit to human health has been proven time and time again, so do not be too quick to dismiss this type of procedure. The human mind is much more powerful than we give it credit for.

Our opinion on this story? Time will tell. Again, this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it may be worthwhile to keep an eye on developments in this field. Certainly, the procedure carries with it far less side effects and health risks than does real Gastric Band Surgery.

If you want to look into something like this, the difference between success and failure will depend largely on the skill of the hypnotherapist. An ethical health professional should have no problems providing you with references so you can confirm his track record. Click Here for additional information on Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis.

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26 Responses to “Gastric Mind Band: Weight Loss by Hypnosis”

  • There is a new weight release hypnosis program on the market called the Virtual Intra Gastric Balloon. It’s so comprehensive with 6 audio cds, 2 dvds and a client manual. I just listen to it as I’m going to sleep at night and it seems to do the rest for me – an immediate improvement in my eating patterns together with the continual weight reduction makes me feel very confident and there’s none of that internal conflict of wanting something but knowing its no good for you. The healthy choice is the one you take instinctively and the funny thing is you don’t feel at all deprived. I have also been out socially since starting this program where the food wasn’t as healthy as I’d like and I had no feelings of failure for having eaten what I did – the next day I just went back to my healthy eating patterns without any problem. I have used a number of other hypnosis downloads and books with CDs attached but this one is a mile in front. Alan Patching the producer of the product really has put a lot of research into making this a winning programme. If anyones interested I can send you a link

  • Ultimately everything we do is about the mind. Before we do anything, there must be a thought. It is the mind that drives us to eat and exercise, and do – well everything. Hypnotherapy can help you change habits, eat less, exercise more, which can then lead to permanent weight loss.

  • Hi Gillian,
    Just thought i’d let you know that I was the Hypnotherapist that treated the mother and daughter on Lorraine Kelly show.
    Please visit my website for more information.

    Thank you.
    Paul Alland

  • Another gimmick and Susy hypnotherapist blaming the clients if it goes wrong. As if they don’t feel bad enough already! Sounds like a cop out and as with any therapy all the therapists sit round and say it is the clients fault if it doesn’t work. Nothing to do with the therapy!! As long as they can make a profit with a new gimmick that is all that matters!

    Susy do you have experience of restricted eating disorders and what is the likelihood of hypno band causing this and, what evidence do you have for your answer?

  • on LORRAINE yesterday there was a mother and daughter that lost weight with a similar hypnotherapy. does anyone know who did it for them?

  • Hi Chocoina,

    Although hypnosis is a very powerful tool,you have to remember it is not something that is done for you, you have to do more than pay your money and turn up, otherwise it is like buying a very expensive racing car and then leaving it in the garage and wondering why you don’t win the race. Even with hypnotherapy you still need to have the determination to succeed and a willingness to change or you won’t be going anywhere.
    Maybe you had underlying issues conected to your eating habits that weren’t address first.
    It sounds like the hypnotherapist didn’t explain the proceedure fully either.

    I hope you have more success in the future,

    Wishing you well,


  • Is this kind of therapy available in india please give address if its available thanks!

  • I was 22 stone and very worried. I went to my doctor who did not seem to care. They only gave me diets sheets all the time which i tried. I was on a diet for over five years and it did not do the trick. I asked about Gastric Band operations and was told i could not have one on the nhs. My friend told me about a programme on the television where a leading Gastric Band hypnosis expert called claire hegarty was talking about how hypnosis can help with weight loss. I thought well nothing ventured, nothing gained. I gave her a call, told her my problems and how i have been on a diet from the year dot. She spoke to me for over an hour on the phone explaining all about how hypnosis can help as i did not have a clue.

    After speaking with her i decided to go and see her and was shocked at the results that it could bring. So i decided to go ahead with it and today my weight is 17 stone and my target weight is 16.5 so it does work.

  • i have just booked in to have the gastric mind band done i go on the 19th april and quite excited i have around 6stone to loose so time will tell i,ll keep you informed.

  • I have discovered the secret of losing weight – Eat less and drink more water. It’s common sense! I used to eat £5 to £10 worth of chocolate and crisps every night, in front of the telly and guzzle down 2 litres of cola. I still have a wee bar of chocolate and 2 packets of crisps every night and I replaced the cola with water. Not only have I lost two stone in three months, without altering the rest of my diet at all, but I’m saving £2000 a year. I’m not pee-heeing the gastric mind band idea, if it works for you, go for it – but use your common sense. If you eat less than you are currently eating – it IS AN ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY THAT YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT :)

  • Sorry I didn’t get back sooner to update you on my Gastric Mind Band therapy at the Elite Clinic in Spain, but I’m here now. So, I first went to Spain back in December 2009 and it’s now March 2011. I can honestly say that my life has completely changed for the better since I went there. I had three sessions on my December 2009 visit and left knowing that some positive changes had already started. I lost the excess weight quite quickly and have kept it off now for 15 months, which is a first for me. I had my final visit in November 2011 which again was very positive. For me, having the Gastric Mind Band “fitted” was not the most important part of the therapy, but the treatment as a whole has worked for me. I think completely differently about “food” now and am so much happier. For me, it was worth every single penny I paid. I don’t think there is one “perfect solution” for everyone to losng weight AND keeping it off, but for me, this was the best thing ever. It’s not always easy, but I’ve never gone back to my bad old habits and negative ways of thinking. As far as I’m concerned, Martin & Marion are the best thing since sliced bread, very professional, friendly and caring people. I’m sorry to read that “Chocoinas” experience wasn’t positive. I understand that this kind of therapy/treatment is effective for 75% of people, so maybe she is part of the unlucky 25%.

    To conclude then, my experience was very positive and if there is anyone out there thinking of doing this, I can highly recommend Martin & Marion Shirran from The Elite Clinic in Spain.

  • This is a very effective treatment for weight loss as it convinces the subconscious mind that you have actually undergone the surgical procedure. Your subconscious mind is responsible for your automatic habits and urges. After the hypnotic procedure is complete, you will feel full sooner and consequently will eat less. Over time this leads to permanent weight loss.

  • Steve is quite right that clients need to be committed to losing weight. However this holds true for any weight loss method. It is vital that any therapy for weight loss addresses the emotional and psychological reasons for over-eating. By doing this the client can move forward and achieve significant and permanent weight loss. The Hypno-Band method does this and now has nearly 400 Licensed Practitioners in 15 countries making the Hypno-Band the world leader in the field.

    Hypno-Band is a registered trademark. Potential clients should ask if the therapist is a Licensed Practitioner and ask to see their credentials.

  • HI, I’m a hypnotherapist that has just started useing the gastric mind band therapy in my own practice with very good results, i have found that the client has to be totally committed to losing weight. in my view very few clients are totally committed and that this is one of the main reasons that it might not work in some of the cases also clients need to believe that hypnosis will work for them. i usually take on about 10 per cent of the people that get in touch with me wanting to use the gastric mind band therapy becouse 90 per cent are just not committed enough.1000 euros is just too much to pay you are being ripped off if you pay that much, i charge £200 pounds for the therapy and the number of sessions vary from 1-5 depending on the client.

  • Fiona Graham Walker

    I just want to let readers of this site know that there is now a book of the Gastric mind Band therapy. I’m reluctant to comment good or bad on the experience within the Elite Clinic because I’ve not gone through the GmB sessions myself. But I know Marion & Martin – I’m co-author of the book, Shirrans’ Solution – The Gastric mind Band – and feel sure if they knew there was a client unhappy enough to mention it on a forum they’d want to know & comment & deal with any points of dissatisfaction. By and large though the vast majority of clients go away lighter, happier, healthier & not having put themselves through unnecessary surgery… and now there is the book as a ‘home’ option! (ps Martin is almost certainly lighter now than in his web pix!…)

  • I just wanted to say that we have been performing virtual gastric banding for about twelve weeks now and we are getting some really good results. However, there are always those it won’t work for because of metabolic porblems or limiting beliefs. The good news is though that you no longer need to travel to spain,it is readily available now in the UK. Hypno-Band which is a particular type of virtual gastric band hypnosis works to break down the limiting beliefs that make clients beleive that they can’t lose weight and it addresses underlying unhealthy relationships with food before the virtual gastric band surgery takes place.

  • the power of the mind is very interesting if you could know how to use it…
    I have seen my girl friend who used Martin St James hypnosis CDs for loosing weight, she droped her weight from 110 kg to 75 kg, in two and half month,and kept it off for a few years now. I am going to try it myself and will keep you posted…

  • I am a hypnotherapist and have many successful weight loss clients. The statement that the success or failure of the outcome depends upon the hypnotist is incorrect. It would be like blaming the success of weight loss on a very good exercise machine. Nothing happens unless the client gets on the machine and does their part of the process. Hypnosis is a partnership between the hypnotherapist and the patient. When the patient follows their part of the work the outcome is amazing. If you are considering seeing a hypnotherapist for Hypnobanding ensure that they teach you self hypnosis as part of the programm. Susy

  • Sarah (December 18 2009) Ruth (November 17 2009) have or haven’t had the “Gastric Mind Band: Weight Loss by Hypnosis” I would be interested how it has worked for them. Come on girls tell us!!

    I have been to a Paul McKenna seminar and have his book, which I have read religiously every night for months )now given up) ….. I have put on weight and am getting fed up with being and getting fatter and fatter, I am now over 60 and don’t want to enter the rest of my years with the same struggle that I have continually lived through.

    Regards Sally

  • Thank you Chocoina for sharing your experience with us. It is in the interest of all our readers that we provide honest feedback as to how effective this Gastric Mind Band procedure really is. If it does not live up to expectations we must know about it.

    Sarah and Ruth, we look forward to hearing from you.

  • oh dear i have just recently paid the deposit to visit the clinic soon!

    I wonder how Ruth got on ? Ruth if you are still checking out the website then i would love to know how it went. For everybody else i let you know how i get on.

  • I’ve had a gastic mind band.
    After reading so many positive feedbacks I went to Spain and payed 1000 Euro.
    It didn’t work for me at all. I did Paul McKenna’s “I can make you thin” before, the book was cheap and I have friends who lost weight with Paul’s book & CD. All I did was falling asleep and I couldn’t remember a thing, so I was surprised that I didn’t fall asleep at all in Spain. Marion (the hypnotherapist) said that it doesn’t matter if I don’t fall asleep, it’s my brain which takes the information. I found the whole gastric mind band confusing, Marion’s husband Martin who’s also a hynotherapist (and yes, he put weight back on and doesn’t look that slim anymore like on their webside, but I have to mention he has a drinking problem and behaved more like a pub owner) suggested that I should starve myself the next two days so that I know how hunger feels. I was hungry and it hurt, he said to me that the pain is positive. I don’t want to live with pain. Marion then weighted an apple and said that the apple has 98 kal and that this is to much. During the “operation” I did hear the surgery noises but unfortunately at the same time I heard Marion’s recorded voice. Talking about eating less. While I was there an American film team turned up and I was told that if I lose weight I could earn lots of money with giving interviews in magazines or on tv like at The One Show.
    Honestly, save your money and try Paul McKenna, she did tell me exactly the same like he did (eat slow, enjoy what you eat, stop when you aren’t hungry anymore,…). If his book doesn’t work with you at least you saved more than 1000 Euro (just think of the flight and hotel too).
    Hope I could help

  • Hi Ruth,

    Thank you so much for sharing! Our best wishes go with you on your journey, and we really look forward to hearing from you again.

    Kind Regards

  • Hi there

    Just thought I’d let you know that I’m booked into this clinic on the 8th December! I’m leaving my husband and two children behind and going by myself, so it’s also a mini-break which I’m looking forward to. I am one of those people who has tried every diet going, have a terrible relationship with food and Martin is the first person I’ve spoken to that appears to understand how I feel. I’m not terribly over-weight, I’d like to lose about 1 stone. It’s hard to say exactly how much I want to lose as I’ve crept into middle-age and my body has changed! However, I do go to the gym regularly and that’s just not getting rid of the extra pounds. So keep your fingers crossed for me please and I’ll get back to this website and let you know how it’s going.

    Ruth G in Germany

  • Lila, some people really just don’t have an appreciation of the power of the mind. As humans we don’t even use a tenth of our brain power yet. Why not use the power of hypnosis to suggest a gastric band has been fitted. I think it is an absolutely wonderful and far less risky way of losing weight if it works. I’ll be doing some additional research on this matter. I really find it terribly hard to lose weight and am a candidate for weight loss surgery, but I am too scared of the complications. I really hope there is something to this…

  • I love the fact that this site not only reviews the standard and popular weight loss programs available, but also some of the wacky diet plans out there. Losing weight by having a Gastric Mind Band fitted is just a step too far in my opinion, but it is good for a laugh! Keep going. By the way, I love the food journal and have e-mailed the link to my friends and a number of them started tracking their weight and calories using the system.

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