Welcome to Optimal Bodyweight

Welcome to OptimalBodyweight.com!

Our vision is that of a world without the form of obesity caused by destructive nutritional and living habits. To help achieve this vision, we want to provide the best one stop weight management resource on the internet.

We will explore the global market so we can provide each one of you with as much relevant information as possible to achieve your goals of losing weight, and keeping it off. We believe that the more you learn, the easier it is to accomplish any goal you set your mind to..

We will provide you with information on (and links to) a wide variety of programs, products and tools in your quest for your perfect weight. The wealth of information on the internet has it’s downside too, in the sense that it is becomes increasingly difficult to identify effective products and tools.

The fact that we are all so different complicates the issue even further. Programs or products that works fantastically for one group of individuals often do not work at all for others! By sharing information, we may discover certain shared characteristics or lifestyle that affect the effectiveness of a specific range of products.

To realize your goals, irrespective of which products or programs you choose, you will need to ensure that you have the right mindset from the start. We will therefor also provide you with information on products to ensure that you are enthusiastic, committed and determined to live the life of your dreams. The right mindset is the most important ingredient to ensure that you achieve your goals.

For now, we will provide you with a wide variety of products, books and other resources to help you manage your weight. Products, programs and tools will be reviewed for you, and general tips and news will be communicated. You are also more than welcome to post your own comments so we can all gain from each other’s experiences.

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  • I was just searching for about this when I discovered your blog post. I’m just dropping by to say that I very much enjoyed seeing this post, it’s very clear and well written. Are you planning topost more about this? It seems like there is more fodder here for later posts.

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