Diet Review: Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle and boost you metabolism

The more you research the weight loss field the clearer it becomes that as much as we would have wished it, there just are no quick fixes or wonder drugs available. We have all been there. Every instinct is yelling out that the latest “fast and easy” or “just take a diet pill” weight loss craze is just too good to be true, but you still decide to give it a go. Not all your fault though; advertisers for these miracle cures know just which emotional buttons to push.

After many disappointments it finally dawns on you: not only are you not achieving your weight loss goals, but your weight problems are actually getting worse even though you are almost permanently on a diet. The reason for this in all probability is that all these fad diets you’ve subjected your body to actually resulted in a loss of lean muscle mass and a slower metabolism. This is the time then for you to smarten up and find a sustainable weight loss plan that will boost your metabolism and help you not only reach that goal weight, but also maintain it.

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All healthy and sustainable weight loss plans comes down to the following: a balanced lifestyle with plenty of exercise combined with the consistent maintenance of a modest calorie deficit and proper nutrition that allows your body to work at its best. The emphasis of the program must be on “lifestyle changes” where your old destructive habits are replaced with healthy habits. If you don’t change the way you live permanently, the weight will just come back again as soon as you return to your old ways.

What I like about Tom Venuto’s “Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle” is his insistence that fad diets don’t work. This book is one of the first diet and nutrition e-books (digital / online books) ever published and has been around since 2003. That this book remained an Internet Bestseller for so long in such a competitive market does seem to indicate that there must be some substance to this particular weight loss plan. Of course, Tom is also an absolute expert in online marketing which obviously also helps the e-book maintain its bestseller status.

Tom Venuto is a body builder and claims never to have taken steroids or other body enhancing drugs. While he earned a B.Sc degree in exercise science and has held certifications as a strength and conditioning specialist and personal trainer; his success is probably more due to his impressive physique than his qualifications. He really is the best testimonial for his own program, and proudly displays pictures of himself at In short, he practices what he preaches.

Burn The Fat, Feed the Muscle is published in Adobe PDF format so you can download it as an e-book. The book contains very detailed discussions and it can be a bit long-winded. I had to force myself to finish all 340 pages of the book. I did find the “bodybuilding” slant of the book slightly off-putting, since bodybuilding has never been something I appreciated. Venuto does point out in his introduction that while this book was written by a bodybuilder, it was not written just for bodybuilders, but for all men and women interested in permanent weight loss. If you aren’t interested in fitness or bodybuilding competitions, you’ll stop at phase 1, while phases 2 and 3 will help you get that “ripped look”.

The premise of this book is that if you want to learn how to do something, learn from the best. Find people that are successful in achieving whatever you are after, and learn from them. See what they did and how they accomplished their goals. This is a great approach to solving most problems in life, and can save you plenty of time and headaches. Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle contains the lessons Tom Venuto has learned after studying athletes (bodybuilders, female figure competitors and fitness models) for more than 20 years.

Since nutrition is the most important aspect to slimming down, the main focus of the book is on fostering healthy eating habits. You could have the best training program in the world, but if you eat more calories than you need on a daily basis, you’ll gain weight regardless of your training plan. You will learn how to set up a meal plan using Tom’s menu “template” system. Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle contains plenty of information on calories, protein, carbs and fat and how much of each your body needs.

The book discusses in great detail why fad diets don’t work and the facts about low carb and high protein diets. According to Tom, your body is just way too complex for most of the popular diets to work. In Tom’s words “You can’t fool a metabolic and hormonal system that’s the result of thousands of years of evolution. You have to work with your metabolism, not against it!”

A consistent message that runs through the book is that there is no one-size-fits-all diet, and that you must get to know your own body. Tom’s book simply provides the guidelines to develop a customized program for your body. Your body may be lactose or yeast intolerant; you may have nut or seafood allergies, or you may simply be a picky eater. The important thing is that you develop healthy eating habits to suit your tastes and metabolism.

While it may sound complicated, this weight loss guide provides you with plenty of information you can use to customize the program to suit your body, tastes and lifestyle. It provides background on the different body types and explain how you go about determining yours. In this book Tom Venuto provides the tools for you to figure out your own ideal ratio of protein, carbs and fat. He also shows you how your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is determined.

After reading this book, you should also be able to develop your own training program, based on workout routines practiced by top natural bodybuilding and fitness champions. The two main fitness and exercise components are weight training and cardiovascular training. You’ll need access to basic equipment like dumbbells and barbells at home or you can train in a gym. It is unfortunate that the book does not provide more details on the exercises themselves, as it assumes you know how to perform basic weight training exercises.

In addition to the nutrition and training plan, the first chapter makes sure you know how to motivate yourself, how to set achievable goals and how to identify potential stumbling blocks. It carefully explains the importance of developing the right mindset and how to go about fostering healthy and empowering habits to replace the old ones. What you are thinking determines what your body looks like. This is the one of the most important weight loss tips you will ever come across.

To summarize then: Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle offers no quick fixes. You don’t get the body of a model or an athlete by training a few minutes a day and eating healthy meals every now and then. The book stresses that permanent fat loss requires discipline and effort, which does provide an indication of the honesty of the program. Weight loss is hard work, but if you are willing to put in the effort and follow the plan, you will achieve that dream body.

Was it the best weight loss book I’ve ever read? No, but then my natural dislike in bodybuilding probably does not make me the ideal reader for this book. This book will in all probability attract a larger and more loyal male audience, although I am in no doubt that many female readers will enjoy the book too. To be honest, I enjoyed the book far more than I thought I would, and if you want to lose weight this book can most certainly help you do that. It is rather expensive at $39 when compared to other diet books, but if then if one of your goals is to attain the “ripped” or well-toned look; it could be worth the extra dollars.

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  • Nohemi Farguharson

    I am the same body type so I go to Tillys.

  • I just wanted to add my 2c worth. I bought Tom Venuto’s e-book and must admit that I am very impressed – female or not. It is very clear to me now how I got to weigh as much as I do now, and if I read this book earlier I could have saved myself a lot of heartache…I’ve been on every diet under the sun and now realize that the only way I am going to lose weight permanently is to start rebuilding some lost muscle and exercise. It does not matter how many shortcuts we try and take – we always come back to this. Appreciate your honesty on the review though and love the fact that you publish comments that express opinions that differ from yours. Well done.

  • All those muscles really put me off. I like lean toned muscles that you get through normal exercises. Bodybuilding is just not for me. Gove me Jillian Michaels any day. Not only is her book cheaper, but I think she has proven experience, and she does not have these unnatural lumps of muscle all over he body. far superior exercise and diet program for weight loss in my opinion.

  • I swear by Tom Venuto. He just makes so much sense. The most important insight for me is that it is more important to lose fat. You don’t want to lose weight if that means you are going to be sacrificing lean muscle mass. I guess as a “male reader”, I am expected to like this book more, but I can tell you that my girlfriend (and she is hot!!!!!), also loved Burn The Fat feed The Muscle. But I guess aside from the fact that I disagree about the readers, it is a reasonable far review.

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