Slim-Fast Diet Review

Slim-Fast offers a range of meal replacement diet products and claims that you can lose 10% of your body weight in six months by following their weight loss plan. According to the official Slim-Fast website all Slim-Fast products are formulated with a special blend of protein, fiber and good fats to keep away the food cravings for up to 4 hours.

How does the Slim-Fast Diet really work then? The fundamental approach to helping you lose weight is really simple and has been proven to work over and over. If you control your food portions and your calorie intake, you will automatically lose weight. When you replace your normal meals with prepackaged weight loss products, your portion sizes are automatically taken care of without any effort on your part. The formulation of the Slim-Fast meal replacements also helps to keep you feeling satisfied for longer by the carefully balancing of protein, fat and carbohydrates.

The Slim-Fast weight loss plan suggests you consume six small meals or snacks per day, of which at least 2 meals and one snack must be replaced by a Slim-Fast weight loss product on a daily basis. For the remainder of the meals and snacks you can eat whatever you want, but it is strongly suggested that you stick to lean protein, fruit and vegetables. Not only will you lose weight faster, but you will also start cultivating good and healthy eating habits.

Meal replacement formulations have been improved tremendously over the past few decades and meal replacement as a weight loss strategy has been proven to be very effective and easy to apply. Gone are the days where meal replacements are frowned upon by dietitians and scientists as an unhealthy approach to weight loss. New formulations of the meal replacement products offer consumers the benefit of all the necessary nutrients in very convenient and tasty products.

Researchers recently published the results of several clinical trials and scientific studies which supported claims that the use of partial meal replacements can result in weight loss of 9%-10% of your total body weight over a period of 6-12 months. More information on these findings can be found in this discussion of meal replacements as a weight loss strategy.

The suggested Slim-Fast weight loss plan offers an easy, healthy and sustainable approach for losing weight and keeping it off. Some of the benefits of this diet include:

  • A modest and healthy weight loss rate. On this plan you are expected to lose weight at a rate of 1-2 pounds per week. A slower weight loss rate means that your health and metabolism are protected, and it increases the chances of you losing the weight for good.
  • This diet program highlights the importance of exercise, but does not go overboard. It suggests that you do 30 minutes of moderate exercises per day, a target well within reach for most people.
  • One of the more important aspects of a weight loss solution is the support it offers to its followers. Slim-Fast offers a community of weight loss buddies, online help, tip of the day, weight loss tools, personalized menu plan as well as success stories.
  • The diet products are widely available both on the internet and at local stores, making it easy and affordable for clients to stick to the diet.
  • Slim-Fast offers a large range of products including diet bars, shakes, soups, snacks and even frozen pasta entrees. This vast array of choices allows more people, all with very different tastes, to find suitable meal replacements.
  • Many diets fail because people get bored with the options available. The wide range of products offered by Slim-Fast reduces this risk considerably.
  • Another important reason why many diets fail is that people are just too busy to eat properly and very often don’t have the time or opportunity to cook healthy food. The Slim-Fast weight loss plan helps you get rid of that problem to a large extent in that half of your daily meals are already prepared for you. Of course this is a great feature if you don’t like cooking.
  • The Slim-fast diet also slowly teaches you how to look after your body properly, so that in time you can learn healthy eating habits and become less dependent on the diet products, although there is no reason you have to stop replacing meals. Many people don’t have time to prepare breakfast in the morning for example, and for them, a meal replacement product becomes a permanent lifestyle choice.
  • Slim-Fast offers a range of products to cater for most major diet types, including low-fat and low-carb, but the Slim-Fast basic food philosophy is much closer aligned to the low-fat dietary approach that that of the low-carb approach. If you are interested in a low carb diet though, you cannot go wrong in using the Slim-Fast products. Slim-fast express their premise that losing weight is actually more about reducing calorie intake, which can be accomplished by cutting either fat (low-fat) or carbs (low-carb).
  • The Slim-Fast products contain no stimulants (like ephedra) or appetite suppressants, so they are safe to use. As with any food that appears in the US food supply chain, products are tested from time to time by the FDA and must comply with all the necessary health regulations.

No product is perfect though, and we have found some disadvantages in using the products. Regular Slim-Fast and Ultra Slim-Fast powder products contain aspartame (an artificial sweetener), and although Slim-Fast claim on their website that there are overwhelming scientific evidence to prove that aspartame is safe to use, the safety of aspartame is still a very controversial issue. Many health experts still believe aspartame is carcinogenic, while others believe it upsets your metabolism.

The majority of Slim-Fast products are free from aspartame, specifically the Breakfast and Lunch Bars, Snack bars, Meal bars and Ready-To-Drink cans. The safest approach at this stage would be to read the ingredient list of each product you intend buying to ensure that it is free from aspartame. The quantity of aspartame contained in each product varies from 9-100mg, which is just slightly less than your average can of diet soda.

Rich Chocolate Brownie meal bars and Strawberry Cheesecake meal bars on a diet probably sound like a dream come true, but don’t expect them to taste like the treats from your local bakery or cafe. They taste good enough, especially since they help you lose weight, but they probably will not live up to your expectations. One of the concerns often raised by experts in connection with the Slim-Fast diet is the fact that you are conditioned to eat “treats” as meals instead of real food, and in doing so, never learn to make healthy food choices.

In general, the Slim-Fast Diet offers a convenient and healthy way to lose weight. Because it encourages healthy snacking and regular meals; you will not get hungry and irritable and you should find this weight loss plan relatively easy to stick to in the short to medium term. In the longer term though, teach yourself how to make good food choices and slowly start replacing some of the meal replacements with real healthy meals once you get closer to your goal weight.

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3 Responses to “Slim-Fast Diet Review”

  • Me – I don’t mind the same bars / shakes everyday. Food is fuel. I just need to lose weight and like the idea of being able to carry round healthy meals in my handbag that I can have whenever I have a moment. I am always on the run, and have to fit in lunch and breakfast between meetings! I’ve tried it and so far I have lost 6 lbs in two weeks! Thanks for the article.

  • I love food, and I really believe that while these diets using meal replacement products can work, they are for most people not sustainable. Who wants to drink the same shake and eat the same bars day after day? The only way to lose weight and to keep it off is to learn how to eat healthy and balanced foods and to exercise. Best diet in the world – and one we all know. It is time to stop looking for quick fixes.

  • I can vouch for Slim-fast as a weight loss product. I am a very busy career woman and absolute abhor cooking. Life is just too short! I lost 36 lbs on Slim-Fast in about 3 months and can not believe how much better I feel about myself. I am not crazy about the taste of the food, but it tastes quite OK when you treat food as fuel and don’t expect a treat. I see this now as a lifestyle. I replace two meals a day with the meal replacement bars or soups and occasionally the frozen entrees, and have a healthy meal at night. Some people may get bored with this diet, but it works for me…

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