Have an IV dinner – now that is going bananas

Every once in a while you stumble upon an article in the media that really makes you sit up and smile at the lengths humanity would go to in its quest for beauty. Ashley Pearson wrote an article for The Daily Mail describing the latest fad diet doing the rounds amongst supermodels and Hollywood A-listers.

It is simple – skip dinner and have your doctor hook you up to an IV drip containing multivitamins! That way, the story goes, you get all the nutrients without the calories! These IV drips, also called “banana bags” were originally designed for severely undernourished alcoholic patients, but are now swiftly becoming the latest fashion accessory.

Nutritional psychologist Marc David is the diet guru to many supermodels and is familiar with the trend. ‘Banana bags are used to “fill in the nutritional blanks”. What’s good is that if you’re going to deprive yourself of food, then you might as well supplement your diet.’ He does go on to explain that while the banana bags may help crash-dieters (typically consuming less than 800 calories per day) feel less hungry, there is a down side to this diet. The nutrients contained in banana bags are insufficient as it does not contain EFAs (essential fatty acids) or protein. This means users will not be able to maintain muscle tissue and many vital processes necessary for a healthy body will be severely impacted on. Also, the whole digestive system is bypassed!

While this diet can result in short term success, it will come at a hefty price to be paid much later in life by many of these models and celebrities. The damage they are doing to their digestive systems and overall mental and physical health should not be underestimated.

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