The Structure House Weight Loss Plan.

It isn’t food that makes us fat, but our relationship with food. We develop and hone this relationship throughout our lives, starting from when we are babies. Not only does food satisfy our nutritional needs, but it also plays a vital part in satisfying a whole range of emotional needs. Food is such an integral part of our daily existence that it is difficult to even envisage some events without food; celebrating something or needing consolation, meeting up with family and friends or even going on holiday. The list just goes on and on. According to the Structure House philosophy everyone develops a set of expectations, habits, associations, and states of mind related to food. The sum total of these, influenced by our family dynamics, our cultural backgrounds, our individual attitudes and our tastes, is regarded by Structure House as our “relationship” with food.

Gerard J. Musante, Ph.D, one of the America’s leading experts on obesity and weight loss, is a clinical psychologist and a Clinical Fellow in the Behavior Therapy and Research Society. He served on the faculty of Duke University Medical Center, where he pioneered the behavior change approach to weight loss, and currently maintains his association with Duke University in the capacity of Consulting Professor in the Dept. of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. Structure House, one of the few resident weight loss programs in the United States, was founded by Dr Musante in 1977. Dr Musante drew on his experience of over thirty years in helping thousands achieve lasting weight loss to write his book, “The Structure House Weight Loss Plan.” This book aims to provide readers with all the information and insights they would have gained had they attended the resident program at Structure House.

The Structure House Weight Loss plan helps you achieve you goal weight by following a holistic approach with strong emphasis on the psychological aspects. You will lose weight by following the nutrition and fitness guidelines, while fostering new behavioral patterns to help you achieve and maintain your goal weight. The name of the diet originates from the belief that “structure” is of the utmost importance for people to start living a healthy life. “Structured” eating is aimed at planning your daily food intake (3 meals a day with no snacking) in such a way that you meet your daily nutritional requirements. “Unstructured” eating is triggered mainly by feelings of inadequacy, emotional upset, boredom, stress and loneliness to name but a few of the reasons. By “rewiring” your brain, The Structure House Weight Loss Plan hopes to help you finally get the upper hand in the endless struggle to lose and maintain your weight.

This is an excerpt from the introduction of the Structure House Weight Loss Plan:

This is a book about change. I don’t mean just change in your weight — losing the pounds you want to lose. Weight loss is important, but it’s not really the change that is most important. Rather, The Structure House Weight Loss Plan focuses on changing yourself in deeper, more significant, more durable ways than what you can measure simply by standing on your bathroom scale. I’m talking about changing how you view yourself. Changing your relationship with food. Changing your choices about how to live your life. Changing your attitude about change itself.

The Structure House resident program is based in Durham, N.C. To date, more than 10,000 people from all 50 US states and 35 nations battling obesity were treated at the facilities. Many had such a positive experience that they subsequently went back to gain even better insights. The program is rather expensive at around $10 000 per month, and in order to participate people are required stay on the premises at Structure House for the duration of the treatment. For many people it is not possible to leave their families for extended periods of time or to come up with that kind of money. Now Dr Musante has captured the program in the form of a book, allowing thousands more the opportunity to benefit from what he regards as a school for change. All of the concepts and principles behind the program are now yours for the price of a book.

The Structure House Weight Loss Plan is not a quick fix or a fad diet. You will probably lose weight at a slower rate than you may have done on many other diets, but you will be rewarded with sustained weight loss, a balanced lifestyle and a positive relationship with food. The plan helps you recognize and neutralize the food triggers that cause your unstructured eating, and stop using food to satisfy needs other than hunger. The program suggests different strategies to handle difficult situations like work, eating at restaurants, festive occasions and social gatherings, as well as traveling. It teaches you how to plan and cook healthy meals at home, and helps you by suggesting menus and recipes all aimed at teaching you how to cook healthy meals at home. You will learn the importance of keeping a food diary. Exercise is another important part of the Structure House program. You will learn how to incorporate exercise into your life, and enjoy it too!

For its January 2009 issue, Health Magazine gathered a panel of experts to test more than 60 well known diets, compiling a list of America’s Top 10 Healthiest Diets. The panel included registered dietitians, clinical nutritionists, authors, professors, and a member of the American Dietetic Association’s board of directors. According to this article more than 80 million Americans go on diets every year, spending more than $30 billion annually on weight loss programs and products. The Structure House Weight Loss Plan tops the list of top 10 healthiest diets for 2009, beating many other well known diets including Weight Watchers and Best Life.

We at believe this low fat, calorie-limited weight loss plan is based on sound principles and it scores extra points for encouraging the necessary lifestyle changes for permanent weight loss. This book will be a great investment for those that have tried numerous other diets without much success, those who are fed up with fad diets and are looking for a healthy lifestyle to follow, and then of course those who know they tend to eat for reasons other than hunger.

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  • I have tried numerous weight loss diet programs over several years with varying degrees of achievement. The most successful diet programs for me have been the high protein diet programs, they can work well but I don’t believe you should stay on them for a extensive time because of the additional strain it can place on your system. I am as well looking into the GI and the Zone diet as I know numerous people who have lost plenty of weight with these diets. In the end your weight loss program must really be a natural way of eating and not something you come off and go back on.

  • I agree with what you said. Very true. Thanks for this.

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