The Gabriel Method didn’t float my boat

I found my own response to the book “The Gabriel Method” as published by Jon Gabriel (2007) quite surprising. Somehow the book, and thereby the method, failed to live up to my expectations. This reaction is even stranger in light of the fact that, based on my own research and experience, I wholeheartedly agree with most of the key messages in Jon’s book.

The book just failed to grab my attention, and I found myself drifting off time and time again while reading it. I had to force myself to finish it. Although it’s probably just a case of different strokes for different folks, it is worth noting that one of my friends, who incidentally bought her book at the same time as I did, ended up with a very similar experience.

Having read extensively on the topic of health and general wellness for some years, I have come across most of the views expressed by Jon. After hearing most of them so many times before, it may have affected my experience of the book negatively. It could very well be that someone reading self help and/or diet books for the first time may find this book absolutely engrossing.

Some of the main themes in the book that I agree with totally include the following:

  • The holistic approach he recommends to address weight management problems, thus considering not only physiological but also psychological and environmental factors.
  • The notion that your body is ultimately designed to do whatever it takes to protect itself from threats to your body or psyche (including making you fat) and that we have to develop an good understanding of how it operates in order to harmoniously work with it.
  • Moving away from a diet high in “dead carbohydrates” to a diet higher in protein.
  • Using meditation and visualization as tools to accelerate the weight loss process, and also to help develop healthier eating habits can find on this page. I must admit that some of Jon’s more esoteric visualizations were just a bit too much for me!
  • Continuously educating ourselves about the complex link between mind and body.

I disagree with Jon when it comes to the issue of getting onto the scale. Having always been a subscriber to the old truth: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it,” I believe a scale is an important part of your weight management armament for two reasons:

  • Firstly, if you understand the nature and quantum of a problem you can deal with it. If not, you may end up either thinking your situation is a total disaster when it is not, or you may underestimate the severity of the problem.
  • Secondly, I find a downward trend on the scale of great motivational value. My experience has also been that I get to know my body and its reactions to certain food types much better if I closely monitor my weight. Furthermore, after starting to lose weight, or having reached a short term goal weight, the scale helps me on a subconscious level (by sending early warning signals) to protect my investment of time, effort and money towards losing weight.

Even though I wouldn’t consider myself Jon Gabriel’s number one fan, he must be congratulated on achieving such spectacular weight loss (over 220 pounds / 100kilos), and further more for having the courage to document and publish his experiences for others to learn from. The book appears to be a very open and honest account of Jon’s journey. The before and after photos were what really made me buy the book – a truly amazing transformation! At any rate, I’d be very interested to hear some of your opinions on this matter.

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91 Responses to “The Gabriel Method didn’t float my boat”

  • Jade,

    Harry is an old friend of mine. He certainly is outspoken and often quite obnoxious, but in this matter he know’s what he is writing about. He is a vet’, although his doctorate was in human-related drugs – I really can’t remember the title of his thesis but I think it was something to do with cancer at Cardiff University.

    I have not read this book and had not heard of it until I chanced upon this reference to my friend; but I will say that there is a history of books on this subject being at best unhelpful and at worst dangerous. In some cases the authors have been successfully prosecuted for promoting harmful practices. (My qualification for knowing this is that I am a lawyer)

    I hope this will assure of my friend’s ability to give a considered and scientifically valid opinion in re’ this book’s content.


  • Dude, and eveyone in fact,

    I’ve been doing the Gabriel method online coaching program and that has made the difference for me. I had bough the book about a year earlier, but the peer support on offer via the forum and the structure of a six week program with live classes etc have been invaluable. It’s been kind of like getting a tool kit and then going off and using it but with life-long support from my peers in the program. So I highly recommend it. I’ve had three comments in the last twenty four house that I’ve lost weight. I don’t own scales but my clothes are looser.

    I love that all the judgemental language is taken away and replaced by neutral scientific explantions (which may not fit with traditional nutrition training but which are in line with current findings and quantum physics etc). Very credible explanations about why we might become unmotivated and how influential environment can be on our stress levels, our need to protect our stone age bodies form out post-industrial lifestyles with fat, until we learn healthier ways to do it (powerful visualizaitons etc)

    Regarding exercise Dude- flogging and punishing yourself to death four times a week in the gym is perhaps not the best way- I’ve been getting far better results twice a week doing short sprints in the pool. The ‘get thing or get eaten’ response is a powerful one. I generally feel fitter and more relaxed and ‘equanimous’ than I have in ages so even if I didn’t drop much weight I’d do it for that!

  • Having just returned from the Jon Gabriel retreat (a 3 day conference hosted by Jon in Kiama, Australia) I thought I would add to the multitude of reviews here. The Gabriel method is the most sustainable approach to dieting I have come across, the wonderful bonus is that it also focuses equally on personal wellbeing and growth. (I have tried the heartless counting calorie diets, meal replacement programs, starvation approach and even a bread and water only diet… don’t ask o_O).

    Jon reiterates that this is not a quick fix “lose 20 pounds in 20 days diet”, it IS a FOREVER approach to weight management. There are no banned foods with this method, it is about adding to our meals healthy “live foods” like sprouts and fresh salads… so you can have PIZZA! But instead of 4 peices, 1 piece with a big fresh salad. So you don’t really feel like you are missing out at all, you still get pizza and the salad fills you up so that you don’t want more than one piece!

    The book was well worth the money and I even thought the conference that cost $450 AU was good value for the amount of information and ideas I have come away with, Jon is also a brilliant motivational speaker. They served us food there too from Jons recipes and there is a breakfast called “Jonny Chow” it is whey protein based with yoghurt, fresh fruits, nuts and seeds… I am totally addicted to it and have bought the ingredients to make it exactly the same at home! (Jon also has a recipe book out soon and I am on the mailing list :D )

    I will add though that visualisation techniques are mentioned throughout the book (I find these uplifting and great mood boosters) but for anyone who is dead against trying this meditation type activity, you may not like the Gabriel method.

  • Dr. Harry Caldicott,what are your qualifications? Are you a medical doctor? I think when you dismiss something out of hand with a one liner, it’s a bit suss.
    I think with weight loss, those who can’t grab the bull by the horns and have a go will say all sorts of negative things about any weight loss program. The very hardest thing to do is to get that fat butt up off the couch, throw that ice cream cone in the bin and start trying to get your body and your life back on track.
    My friend, who is grossly overweight, says, between mouthfuls of her favorite food, that she has tried everything and it must be ‘glandular’ or something else!
    And she’s right, it is something else. It’s her total inability to wean herself away from the calorie laden foods that she craves. Exercise. Her? You would be joking. It hurts, it aches, her heart races. Does that say something? It does to me, that her heart is under stress and she’d better get started or it will race her right into an early grave, and I will lose a dear friend.
    Stop making excuses, you are so busy reading how to lose weight you don’t have time to start!
    And by the way, I have battled weight all of my life and still do so, but I try everything,some are successful some are not,but I keep punching on,and have managed to maintain if not my ideal weight, certainly a more healthier weight.

  • While I am intrigued by the various reviews/testimonials, and having read about the premises of this diet, I would be intrigued to see the findings of the long-term efficacity of this system.

    I was on cortisone for 7 years (from ages 15 to 22) & suddenly had no control over my weight. After having tried the diets ‘recommended’ in the early ’70s, I found that I had become food obsessed. I spent much time in the later ’70s trying to redress the food=ugly/undesirable/fat mentality that had obsessed me. Having watched my mother slowly destroy herself – as well as her sense of self-esteem – by ‘dieting’ I finally resolved to follow “Fat is a Feminist Issue” for guidance. Until recently, when menopause set in, I had stabilized at being theoretically ‘underweight’. True, initially, I gained weight trying to relearn natural instincts. My body size ended up reflecting that of the majority of women in my extended family (that is, skinny!) until now. Within a year or more, I had rejected all the foodstuffs I’d abhorred until I’d started grappling with my weight: chocolate, cakes, biscuits (cookies), etc.

    Having read the positive responses here, and elsewhere, I am worried that those trying to lose weight found themselves ‘suddenly’ rejecting foods they’d craved in favour of foods they felt they ought to crave.

    I’m still strongly of the conviction that they’ve convinced themselves as quickly as possible (that is, as soon as they’d read Dr Gabriel’s book) that they’d found the ultimate psychological solution & practical methodology that would set them off on immediate weight loss. These delighted, short-term responses worry me. We cannot discard the old psychological patterns & fears without exploring them first – and the way in which they impact on us – alongside what we’d consider to be adverse reactions, being further weight gain before establishing the very substance of personal eating disorders.

    Life & death is one thing. Convincing yourself that you no longer want to eat/live/obsess about your perception of self & what would make you happy in life is something that needs to be explored for a few years, not a few hours, for it to take.

    Truly gleaning an understanding of my body, mind & expectations outside of social expectations took me a few years. If you’re looking for a long-term solution, it won’t be found in two days of reading. You can certainly CONVINCE yourself that you’re suddenly craving ‘healthy’ foods after a brief, motivating read… In fact, I know from having observed various ‘diets’ & their ultimate outcome over many, many years, that ‘listening’ to your body is not an overnight process.

    I kept my weight down to a reasonable level, with small fluctuations, for nearly 30 years… If anything, I was considered underweight: not because I was trying but because I behaved like the person I used to as a child/child-woman. I didn’t wake up thinking about whether I could eat yet; what I could eat & what I should deny myself. It is still the same equation: what I have been taught is about should & shouldn’t/good & bad. For those with PCOS & other physiological problems, I can only suggest that you don’t try to CONVINCE yourself that you’ve found a solution. What goes down can also go up. As I’ve seen with many people, their self-propagandising ends up in greater grief than that which they suffered in the first instance.

    I’ve put on 10 kilos (nearly 23 pounds) over 5 years with the onset of menopause (now post-menopause). I wanted to FIGHT it & despise myself initially, but I never gave into the desire to ‘diet’. I’m well into my 50′s. I cannot undo the ageing process. I am continuing to exercise (not because I feel obliged to but because I enjoy the kinds of exercise I enjoy as ‘me’). My health may be affected, but it is unlikely. I have various check-ups on a regular basis & they all indicate that I am in extremely good health for my age. If I am not as ‘beautiful/desirable’ as I should be according to social expectations, so be it. I know I will stabilize again.

    I am not only speaking to women. I am also speaking to men. The pressure to adhere to any particular concept of beauty/desirability at any point in history creates a pressure on the individual that is impossible to attain. I looked like one of those anorexic models that make wonderful clothes-horses for haute couture without actually wanting to look that way.

    Again, I must point out that feeling as if you’ve turned over a new leaf overnight IS wishful thinking. Reality is about assessing in a TRULY holistic manner. The psyche & body can only find a realistic meeting over time.

    Excited about your amazing weight loss? Let’s see what happens in 2… 3… 4 or 5 years time.

  • Just by reading reviews I am pretty confident that this method of weight loss will work for me. It’s just so damn logical and a lot of it is just based on common sense and proper education on how your body works and how to keep it healthy. 
    The biggest thing is a positive outlook, not just on this method but on life it’s self. I give great praise to all of you people who have tried this and had the willpower to not only succeed, but to stick with it even if you’re one of those people of which it didn’t work straight away and in fact, put on weight in stead of losing it. Whether you did it out of denial or pure faith, all that matters is that it worked and you were able to change your life for the better. In the end I have already seen that the Gabriel method Is more of an information book than a weight loss book. He does deserve recognition but so do all of you. 
    For the people that claim it is utter nonsense, maybe you should try again. Or at least sit down and have a good hard think of what you really want in life and if have a positive outlook on life is on your list of goals. You may be skeptical and don’t want to put your dignity out on a limb for it to be thrown back in your face and have you left feeling like a failure, But that’s the biggest hurdle you must face before ANY weight loss scheme. All the questions are the same questions, the fears are all the same fears, and the fantasies are the same too.  In stead of putting it down to a scam, maybe you should think of it as a way to better who you are as a person. That’s what I intend to do with my copy that I bought and downloaded today.  

    As a person I am more lazy than anything. I have been told I am obese for my height and that just got to me, more because of my children than anything. All of the diseases that come with obesity I would consider it child abuse to keep living the way I do for the sake of being lazy. Its not that I eat crap, I have one meal a day, meat and on average about six veggies. My kids eat more than I do and even though some of it is junk, I praise myself on introducing healthy foods to them for the sake of their well being and health, but I am too lazy to do the same for me.  I have zumba and other DVDs. And I know they work because they have in the past. But for some reason they won’t now. I tried for about three months to lose this extra 15kg that I’m holding onto, but my weight and measurements just won’t budge. 
    Last night I came to the realization that my fear of being overweight and this urgency I feel to lose it is just stressing me out. I have gotten one of my stress induced cold sores ( and I am extremely offended at it) and the thought of leaving my house gives me panic attacks. For the last seven months I haven’t gotten to bed until after 12am and I get up from 6-9am on most mornings. During the day I am lethargic and have constant headaches even though I drink copious amounts of water. I sit and stare off into space and it takes me hours to complete my housework because I have no motivation to start and not stop until I finish. Something that should take 45 minutes, takes me all day because I must sit and wallow in my own self pity. 
    But from today, I am willing to change this. I don’t care in the end if it doesn’t really make me lose weight, just as long as I can change my attitude about life. I am already feeling more motivated and positive about everything now that I have a plan. I want to better myself, and if I can get fit and healthy along the way, all the better for me and my kids!!! 

    I have bookmarked this page and will give feedback on how I’m doing for those who need a little more than “it worked for me”. 
    As you can see I over compensate as to better others understanding. I’m a writer, what do you expect!!! 
    Good luck to those starting the journey to a better life!!

    Good luck everyone and have a good 2011!!! :-)

  • I have given this method a full year to show results on my waist line. I wanted something that was going to give me a slow weight loss. I’m short so all that weight is compressed and protruding. Skin shrinkage was a big thing for me if this method was going to work. In Jan 2010 I was 240 lbs at 5’2”. NOW Jan 2011 I’m 188lbs. 52lbs gone over twelve months AND skin shrinkage to the max. At 46 years old your skin does not go back into place as readily as some one in their 20′s or 30′s. I have another 38 lbs to go to reach my goal weight. The key to this whole thing is the visualization/relaxation download and to believe in your selfimage that is your goal.
    A female 5’2” the doctors will still say 150lbs is over weight based on all their charts. However, my bone frame is that of a med-size male bone structure and because of my type of employment I’m muscular as well. At 150lbs I wear a size 8-9 dress size.

    So for those who don’t want to weigh your self and become depressed over ###’s. The slow start that some us experience is normal. Measure your self in inches/cm’s. My first 2 months I lost more inches than lbs.

    This method is NOT a diet, it is a way of life to change the way you eat, what you want to eat and the way you see yourself from the inside out / outside in. It is your self perception that counts!!!!

  • Dr. Harry Caldicott

    I read some of this book, and was amazed at the basic biology he got backwards wrong. My favourite piece of pseudo-scientific nonsense was his section on the digestive system. Seriously, it would be hilarious if it weren’t for the fact that a lot of people are pinning their faith on him and don’t see the scam because they are scientifically illiterate. I doubt that he is even a scientist, it is so bad.

  • I gave up dieting many years ago and I am still morbidly obese around 113kgs. While looking at another site “NZ Christmas Dinner ideas” I came across Jon Gabriel’s Method? I have to say that so far I have been inspired to give this a go as his story felt similar to my own and even without having purchased his book and CD I am already sharing the site with friends who will be just as enthusiastic to begin as I am. My vision is to be able to do up my shoes without panting from shortness of breath and other basic human needs that so many take for granted. Will keep you all updated as to my progress.

    Cheers Sue

  • Having worked in the PR industry, I have become very sceptical of such raving reviews. Are you all real people? Or the Jon Gabriel organisation in disguise, under a variety of different names?

  • I just found this site, and I was shocked when I read this authors review. I am 38 years old and have battled the bulge all of my life. I found the Gabriel Method by accident while I was tooling through a calorie counter/public forum. I purchased the down loadable version and burned it to c.d’s and I was on my way. I am a truck driver here in the US and my activity level is almost null and void. From the first day after listening to the book and trying the relaxation c.d that night THINGS BEGAN TO CHANGE! I wanted more water, it was the only liquid that would satisfy my thirst. Next the Reesee Cups went out the window, and fruit took it’s place. Salads came next. I would even eat them for breakfast! after 3 months of following the Gabriel Method I had lost 47 lbs. I have kept that weight off, and am still going strong. For the first time in my life weighing 156lbs is possible! I even stopped doing the method for a while and fell back into eating an occasional reesee cup, or ice cream cone, and my body reacted! every time I eat something that is over processed or fatty or sweet, my body literally aches. My body craves fresh whole foods. If I happen to go 2 days without a salad I feel weighted down and really just terrible. If you are thinking of buying the book DON’T WAIT IT WILL BE THE BEST PURCHASE YOU EVER MAKE. The relaxation cd that you listen to as you are going to sleep is the most amazing thing I have ever listened to. I have listened to mine so much that it is time to burn a new copy. FORGET COUNTING CALORIES, OR CARBS OR FAT GRAMS DIETS DO NOT WORK. THE GABRIEL METHOD DOES. I have not gained even one of the 47 pounds that I have lost. This method is a God send! Thanks to Jon Gabriel and his courage to share his story and his knowledge I will never be fat again. I am also well on my way to being diabetic free! Thank you Jon!

  • I had tried all kinds of diets and was always able to lose weight, although i would gain it all back and more. At 47 years old I was 5’7 and weighed 263 lbs. High blood pressure and high cholesterol. The doctors got me on all kinds of medications. I didn’t want be this unhealthy or take all these pills. I came across the Jon Gabriel method and bought the book. I learned somethings and gained some ideas and strategies to lose weight. I found that he said his method is not a diet but it really is.– 1. omega 3′s, 2. Protein, and 3. live Foods (salads & fruits). And he suggests exercising ( although a little different) , and visualizations. I tried his method, meditated and went for walks, I lost 20 lbs in about 2 months. Later I joined Hot Yoga classes. I’ve lost 60 lbs in about 6 months. I continue to meditate, do hot yoga, and follow the dietary recommendations of the Gabriel method.

    It has worked for me!!!!! The book was a great MOTIVATOR.

    Too soon to know if it will work LONG TERM.

    I hope to keep the weight off.

  • I have just found this book and was captivated by the first page: Jon’s realisation exactly mirrors what I have also realised: My body must WANT to be fat for some reason!

    I have been on diet since I was 13 (I am now 47) and have literally tried every diet I have come across. But every year I am fatter than the year before, despite starving myself and exercising into exhaustion. (I now weigh 106kg)

    Recently I realised that the key must be in my mind… WHAT A RELIEF when I read the first page of The Gabriel Method!

    As I was sexually and emotionally abused by my father (and later by several other men) from age 11 to 17 – I feel sure that my body feels it is keeping me safe from further abuse with my “fat suit”. I now need to reprogram it to understand that I am an adult in a safe and happy marriage and that I do not need my “fat suit” any longer!

    I am starting with the Gabriel Method today and I am hopeful that Jon’s methods will help me finally set myself free……….

  • Well, I just equiped myself with all I need and I ‘ll start my new lifestyle today!
    I have about 30kg to loose so…I started reading books/articles on this subject from 1982 -and read tons of it. Sure, many things get to be repeated, but small morsels of visdom could be discovered in some of them. I like Jon’s book – I feel that it provides a few -for long, long time missing links – without which all other knowledge about how our body or how diets work is useless. And that is what is important here!!
    I hope to come back as a great looser!

  • I have been researching the gabriel method for a while and most forums seem to really praise his book and method. It’s good to see some relitavely negative cristism which really highlights not all ‘methods’ work for everyone.
    Personally, I haven’t tried gabriels method but instead have been pursing my own and have lost about 8 kilos in the last 3 or so months. I am in my late adolescents and have suffered obsesity for most of my life and it is really opening my eyes now to the world of weightloss and I begin to shed the kilos.
    There is no secret or book to successful weightloss. I haven’t read a single thing. Literally, all it is is that WANT.
    If you WANT to lose weight you will.
    The next step, ensuing that omnipresent want is acting upon it.
    I WANTED to shed many a pounds so I began cutting out sugar and being more active and happier resulting eventual weightloss. I would reccoment it to anyone. It’s easier done than said. You just have to WANT IT.

  • In a country obsessed with weight, I feel it’s worth mentioning that muscle weighs more then fat, so while the scales don’t lie I feel the mirror is a better friend. The #1 obstacle to better health is poor diet and sedentary lifestyle. We are creatures of habit, so lets try to create some better ones. I used to get high off snickers bars, sodas. Now I feel sick the moment I had one of these old favorites. Go healthy fresh food. A little yoga and chi gung goes a looooong way as well. Great book Jon Gabriel.

  • Beulah,

    The writer of this article may not agree, but this is the best approach to weight I have found to date. I am just over 40, also have PCOS, and have been overweight and later obese for the biggest part of my adult life. The PCOS makes it very difficult to lose weight and I am not sure many people understand that. I bough Jon Gabriel’s book about 6 months ago, and have lost about 20 lbs to date. Not a lot I know, but for me, it is massive progress! So yes, I can definitely recommend the Gabriel Method for losing weight in spite of PCOS.

  • are you able to keep the weight off once you’ve lost weight using the book?

  • I have PCOS. would this book work for me? im not overweight because of food but because of this syndrome. i am in desperate need to lose weight

  • Okay… if anyone has any doubts about Jon’s method, first of all you can see how it has transformed his body. Check out some of his Youtube vids, there are three women featured there who have lost HEAPS of weight, Helen in particular. But if that still doesn’t do it for you, go to the Gabriel Method forums, there are many people there who are having success too, look for a girl called Nicole, she is amazing.

    To the author of the above article who wrote:

    “The book just failed to grab my attention, and I found myself drifting off time and time again while reading it. I had to force myself to finish it.”

    Perhaps you have read too many books and it has affected the impact Jon’s book has had on you. Are you sure your mind hadn’t already decided to dismiss his theory because you have read so many diet books?

  • No one needs his methods, just a slight modification in physical activity and slight change
    in diet and an obese person can drop 75-100lbs very quickly. No Gabriel method required!

  • I have just finished reading the Gabriel method. My mum put me on my first diet at 9 years old. I am now 42 and I am still battling with my weight. I agree so much with the fact that it is not just about calories in, calories out. I have probably lost and gained 250kg over my life.Jon talks about having a “set point” yes- whenever I get to roughly 85kg I get hysterical and try some or other diet.

    The approach Jon has developed is amazing as we all know being fat is not about food it is about emotional baggage in the end. I am talking about, real fat, not just 5-10kg but 30kg’s+. The review that I read was either written by someone who has never had a weight problem in her life or she has not really evaluated the method Jon prescribes to. The most exciting thing for me is, finally here is a way in which I can lose weight and get rid of bad “tapes” through a visualization process. The real bargain here is that you get to fix all the other rubbish in your life, lose weight and get fit. Now that to me is….priceless. The funny thing is I gave up smoking 10 years ago by going cold turkey, no pills, no hypnosis, electronic cigarettes. I did,however, visualize myself in my mind as a non-smoker and I have never ever touched a cigarette again. It was really as simple as that. I just forgot that I had used that as my technique so the mind is a marvelous thing and we always tend to allow our will to lead us instead of really finding a quiet place to seek out our true ability. Jon I take my hat off to you. Debbie

  • honestly, the only real way to lose weight is to work your lazy but off hard, and change your diet. i am not really overweight but didn’t mind to lose around 20lbs. out of my own experimental curiosity, i decided to try this out. though he says this is dietless, it is not true, he very much encourages you to change your eating habits, not drastically, but it is mentioned. the only way i see this program working is that it helps make you feel comfortable being fat, which lowers a lot of stress. the visualization techniques also help with stress, and having a lower amount of stress does really have a big impact in weight loss.
    that being said, this book isn’t really a miracle like made out to be, just a book to make you feel good about yourself, in reality the best way to loose weight is to workout daily, harder and harder every time, but you should feel good about yourself

  • I just came back from the doctor today and was 25 pounds heavier than I thought I was going to be. I actually (no joke) feel like there is no hope and I will be fat for the rest of my life. I’m not really even that big. 6′ and 249 pounds, 52 jacket, 40 waist. I was fine until i went to the doctors today, I think i am starting to develop some sort of psychosis. I am willing to give this a try, but if it doesn’t work, I’m just going to lose my mind, or get lipo.

  • My experience is similar to some of those earlier. At 54 years of age, 183 cm and 115kgs I was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome. The medical advice was lose weight or die! After some false starts I was able with difficulty to get down to and hold 105Kg, but this wasn’t sufficient and my blood sugar headed north. About six years ago I was introduced by my general practitioner to the idea of a low GI diet. I found it easier to understand and get motivated if I had a book. Gabriel wasn’t around at that time and the one I chose was Prof Jenny Brand – Millers “The New GI Revolution”. Following this advice (including many excellent recipes) I was able to get my weight down to 90kg and although I would like to be a bit lighter, for the last five years been able to fairly easily maintain it in the range 90-94Kg. I credit the low GI approach with saving my life!

    I think measurement is vital to setting goals. If any of my parameters look like getting out of control I resort to just soup and water until things are back in range. Measures I use are weekly waist tape measurement (must be under 100cm), scales daily (must be under 94kg), blood pressure weekly (must be under 130/80) and although not formally a diabetic I also measure fasting blood sugar on a weekly basis (must be under 5.5 mmol). Additionally I use a minimum of 70,000 steps per week activity regime (measured with a pedometer). All these measures are simple and cheap to do yourself and only take a few minutes.

    I haven’t read Gabriel’s book but I think his reported emphasis on visualisation and mindset are very important. I arrived at this myself some years ago and the visualisation I adopted was that for me refined carbs, sugary, sweet and fatty foods are deadly poison (the fact is they are). Whether it is self hypnosis or something else, I don’t know, but for me this has worked, I now find hi carb, refined carb sweet and fatty food very distasteful and have no desire for them at all, a turn around for me as I used to love that stuff. All of this has made controlling my weight and blood sugar far easier to manage.

  • There was a very negative unenthusiastic tone to your review. If you sit down and do his visualizations, negativity in your life is replaced with blissful enthusiasm. The book is worth its weight in gold just for the visualizations which have just changed my life. The weight loss is just the icing on the cake. Do those visualizations and your life will change. Your review should be thrilled that someone has put this into a readable form. I myself never drifted off, underlined repeatedly and avidly read it. I thought it was very clear and well-written. Jon Gabriel, I thank you for your book from the bottom of both heart and soul.

  • The Gabriel Method is brilliant and well researched. It’s only been seven days, I’ve lost ten pounds. But- the most amazing thing is I AM not craving fruits and fresh foods and easily turning away from candy, pastas, breads, cakes, etc. They already make me feel ‘off’- ie: too sweet, not ‘fulfilling’, ‘dehydrating’, etc.

    Jon offers a lot more on his website and is willing to help anyone who contacts him. That’s a LOT more than all the other guys who take your money (and a whole ot more of it) and pass you off to some call in phone line…

    The Gabriel Method is simply that… a method. But a method that is logical and thus works.

  • I agree – the Gabriel Method is not based introduce any new or mind blowing information, but I really appreciate the way he explains it. With all the confusing messages out there in the market and all the fad diets with their false promises, it is not surprising that people just don’t know what is up anymore. Read this book just to re-affirm your knowledge and start losing weight. It worked for me!

  • Loved this book and love Jon Gabriel. I am going to a party this weekend in my dream dress, all thanks to Jon. I was part the point of caring how I looked because nothing worked. I would lose, and then just gain it all right back – for years. I read Jon’s book now more than a year ago and for me it was the “non-diet” book I needed to lose weight. I lost more than 40 lbs during the past year and feel healthy, energetic and attractive for the first time in years. Highly recommended!

  • My mom read this book and told me she wished it was available 10 yrs ago! She has tried every diet from the X-Diet to Weight Less and Low Carb. While she lost weight very well on the low carb and weight less diets, she was unable to maintain that weight loss in both cases. She said she was feeling absolutely lost in how to go about losing weight, and Jon’s approach gave her back some hope again. She recommended this book to me and my sisters and I am very impressed too. This is a lifestyle change and not a diet. I agree that Jon takes it a bit far with some of his visualizations for me, but as far as I am concerned this is the best weight loss book I have read to date, and I have tried just about as many diets as my mom! Good luck to you all out there. To a skinny 2010!

  • I’m sure different methods work for different people Tim. Obviously your struggle to lose weight was compounded by the fact that you’re insulin resistant hence why the low GI diet works so well for you. That is not to say that the Gabriel method doesn’t work and there are people that have commented saying it has worked for them. There are a lot of different factors that contribute to excessive weight gain and prohibit weight loss so there will never be one method that works for every single overweight person. It’s important to think of the bigger picture, just because something doesn’t work for you doesn’t mean it is a scam.

    With regards to the payment. Of course you are going to have to pay for the book. It is a physical book documenting Jon’s journey and his ideas. When have you ever got a book for free?!? Good on him for passing on his message and trying to help other people who are going through similar issues.

  • I found this book to be very interesting and everything Jon said made sense. Unfortunately even after attempting his method for 6 months I did not notice any weight loss at all. As soon as I started a stricter eating regime and exercising intensely again I lost weight quickly and have kept it off. I still continue to use some of his methods in my everyday life such as visualisation and some of the ideas like adding salads to every meal.

    On the other side I found that listening to the CD- while it did not make me lose weight, it did however make me sleep a lot better and I definately felt like I had more energy so I would recommend this program to anyone even if they are not looking to lose weight.

  • LOL – well at least this book generates lots of discussion. For me, Jon Gabriel’s method to weight loss was a pleasant surprise. No diets, but a good lifestyle. I think this book is meant for people like me and Jon Gabriel. People who have tried every diet known to man, and who have lost all hope of ever finding a solution to this problem. Like many other people, my weight problems are rooted in many causes and when I read Jon’s story I recognize so many of my own experiences. I am determined to lose weight now. Really. And for the first time in decades I believe I may actually just reach my goal. Not in the next two or three months mind. Maybe in a years time. But when I am at my ideal weight I will keep it there. I have recommended this book to all my friends and family. Thanks Jon.

  • I however do not share that success story. At first i had lost 1.1kgs following the Gabriel Method but a few weeks later i discovered that I had in fact gained a further 6kgs. I don’t quite understand how people can succeed with this method where I have dismally failed. Before going into his method I had confidence, but now not so much.

  • Just wanted to add my own experience with the Gabriel Method. This has worked for me really well, but you need to stick with the plan folks. This is not a diet, but a method that can and will bring results if you do it as suggested by Jon Gabriel. There’s no quick fix in losing weight, you need to change your eating AND thinking methods, that’s all. It can be hard for a few days, but your body will quickly adapt and when it happens, fat will just melt off your body and when that starts to happen, you will be proud of yourself.

  • I just wanted to say – this is my first diet free Christmas all thanks to the Gabriel method. I’ve been following Jon’s guidelines for about 6 months now and have lost 30kgs already. For the first time in my in about 10 years I can look forward to spending time with my family. I look much better, I feel great, and I’ve learned how to eat properly, whatever the situation so I am confident I will be able to make the right food and snack choices. I can recommend this dietary approach to anyone that is serious about losing weight and fed up with all the lies and so-called “miracle cures” for obesity out there. Thanks Jon.

  • I’ve been following the basic GM (Gabriel Method) principles since January 09. I’ve lost 39 kilos so far, and I still want to lose about 7 kgs. Maybe you weren’t ready to he lose weight and totally missed the message of the book, but this book definitely worked for me and I don’t know what I would have done without it.

  • You said you kept changing the food you eat to see the reaction of the weight to the food is a bad idea. And you clearly did not completely understand what the book is trying to say. Your weight won’t change accordingly if you keep switching different types of food. The energy balance of your body is controlled by leptin. It will take 6 months for you to really see how one certain type of food do to you. And it has to be a controlled experiment with no other factors affecting it. This is hard. That’s why they do experiment on GM mice. Jon Gabriel tried to kept things simple and didn’t explain everything about the hormone reactions. He did put some appendix but there is lots more to read as he also put some sources of those information behind.

  • I am not an extremely overweight person, but I do want to lose some weight. I have found no “Magic Bullets.”

    I paid just under $40.00 for Jon’s book and the downloads of his audio’s, which I have been listening to, and I have to say that I feel I have already gotten my money’s worth.

    For starters, he has lost the weight; and I find much of what he has to say “credible.” Considering all of the money the average person (me) is willing to spemd on diet pills, I consider what Jon offers a blessing. For the price, the info is definitely worth it. Find out for yoursef. Evry weight loss expert has their own agenda, so we have to do our own research; but I have to admit, Jon Gabriel’s approach is the most innovative that I have come across.

  • I enjoyed the Gabriel Method tremendously. I found the book easy to read, and the information well thought through and presented. John’s visualizations were not so esoteric for me, and I am a BIG believer in the power of visualization to accomplish my goals.

    For the rest – nothing wrong with going back to healthy wholesome meals. One of Jon’s main contributions, I feel, is that he shares an approach on how to change your lifestyle. Many of us have been on so many diets and have so little confidence in ourselves to push through with a diet. Jon suggest you gradually introduce the stuff that is good for you and gradually phase out the bad. You get to know your body over time, and slowly teaches it to demand better.

    As far as weight loss go – I have now lost 10 pound in two weeks and I am over the moon. For the first time in about 10 years I actually believe I can reach my goal weight.

    Well done Jon.

  • I was interested in the Gabriel Method because I wanted to find out what it was. It clearly did wonders for Jon, and he just had to tell the world, but he also had to charge money for it. Why not? But I am none the wiser and I am not going to pay money for something I can not see.
    Like many others I have struggled with being overweight since youth. At age 60 my doctor told me that I looked as though I was on the way to becoming diabetic. After doing a Glucose Tolerance test, this proposition was confirmed, I was “glucose intolerant” or “insulin resistant”. I responded to his incessant recommendations to see a nutritionist.
    I explained to the nutritionist that I was an absolute “Weight Loss Skeptic”. I had tried exercise, diets and combinations thereof and had minimal success. I explained to her that it was due to hormonal levels and those were determined by genes. So there.
    After reviewing my attempts she explained why I had been unsuccessful. Some of the food that I was eating wasn’t what I thought was “healthy” and that the science behind weight loss was now better understood. She introduced me to the low GI (Glycemic Index), diet. The result was that I lost 1 kilogram/week for the first month, and then 1 kg/month for the subsequent months. My weight is continuing to go down at about the same rate and since starting I have lost 17kg.
    The low GI diet is public domain, out there on the Internet, so I will not outline it. You don’t have to pay money for it. It is free. No book or CD is required, although you do need some way of finding the GI index of foods.
    My sister, who is also concerned about her weight has been effective in dieting. She regularly pays out money on a “Milk Shake” diet. When I asked her what she ate along with the milk shakes, what she said matched very closely with my low GI diet, for which I paid nothing (apart from nutritionist fees – which were not cheap). It made me wonder just how many other effective diets there were out there where people pay big money, either for food or information, where the diet simply corresponded with a low GI diet.

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