NutriSystem – an effortless way to lose weight….

NutriSystem, Inc. regards itself as a leading provider of weight management products and services and developed its solid reputation in the weight management industry over the last 35 years. It offers clients a wide range of prepackaged and home-delivered meals, making it the ideal weight loss program for busy career women or home executives with too much to do and too little time. And then, of course, it offers a great alternative to fattening take-out foods for those that simply don’t enjoy spending time in the kitchen.

This proven program uses the “good carb”, or low GI (low Glycemic Index) concept in conjunction with heart healthy ingredients and natural fiber to provide customers with nutritious, healthy and balanced meals. Portion control is a key feature of the program, and is easily enforced through the ready made meals. Customers simply decide on a meal plan, order their meals on-line or via telephone, and have their food delivered to their doorsteps. Vitamins and dietary supplements can also be ordered in the same manner. Currently NutriSystem meal deliveries are only available for customers residing in the United States and Canada.
The weight loss journeys of customers are well-supported by offering services such as free on-line and telephone counseling. These well-trained and knowledgeable counselors are available to clients 24 hours of a day and 7 days a week. In 2004, NutriSystem Inc. acquired Slim and Tone, a global franchisor of women’s express fitness centers, allowing NutriSystem to offer an integrated solution (diet and exercise) for successful weight loss. A professional and innovative website ensures that customers do not lack for resources or inspiration. NutriSystem’s already integrated approach has been further expanded to also take care of the mindset changes required to help customers reach their goal weight and then ensure that the necessary lifestyle changes are made to keep the weight off.

The NutriSystem advanced program requires participants to eat the company’s line of foods along with dairy products, fresh fruit and vegetables. Many of the dishes contain omega 3 fatty-acids and soluble fibers to make you feel fuller for longer, and also to increase heart health. NutriSystem claims that all of their dishes are trans-fat free. Dishes are available for all meals, namely breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as desert. Customers can choose from approximately 120 dishes including Blueberry Muffins, Egg Frittata, Fettuccini Alfredo, Chicken a la King, Chicken with Dumplings, Flatbread Pizza, Hearty Beef Stew, Almond Biscotti, Fudge Brownie, Chocolate Cake, and many, many more. It doesn’t sound like diet food, but it works. You will not only enjoy losing weight, but you will enjoy your food at the same time!

Because the NutriSystem Advanced plan based its selection of ingredients on the Glycemic Index, the diet will stabilize your blood sugar. This means that those terrible cravings will disappear and you will be in charge of your own destiny. Dieters select between six 28-day programs: Women’s, Men’s, Women’s Silver, Men’s Silver, Women’s Diabetic, Men’s Diabetic or Vegetarian. The plan includes menus and checklists so dieters always know what to eat and when. So don’t wait any longer, try NutriSystem now, and start your new life!

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  • Just to give you some feedback. I have been on this diet for two months now. I find it the easiest diet to stick to that I’ve done in my life, and have lost 22 pounds! Food does get a bit boring, but then so did my own dishes. Food is only fuel after all. Best weight loss plan I’ve been on to date. lets hope I can keep it off.

  • I think weight loss is all about three things – attitude, diet and exercise. From my experience, reducing carb intake and doing aerobic exercises are keys to successful weight loss.

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