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OBW FoodFacts is live

Knowing the exact nutritional composition of food items you consume is critical, no matter which weight management plan or method you follow.

To make your life easier, we developed a nutritional composition look up function that allows you to quickly and easily get the full nutritional analysis of any food item. With more than 7500 food items already included in our listing (and growing daily), you are sure to find any item you search for.

Apart from thousands of generic products, we also list a growing number of brand name products. The nutritional information of a large number of our  items was kindly made available by the US Department of Agriculture and others.

If not already listed, myOBW members will in future be able to add their own favorite products to the database and use it in our new weight management and tracking system (to be launched shortly).

Try it out here and let us know what you think. Also tell us of any further features you would like to see included.

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