FDA Warning to Consumers – Tainted Weight Loss Pills

Losing weight is really difficult for most of us, so the appeal of both prescription and non-prescription weight loss products is totally understandable. Today there are so many weight loss products available on the market that it is becoming increasingly difficult to understand which products are safe and effective, and which are ineffective, or worse, very dangerous. It is not fair to write off all weight loss products and solutions as no good, as there are many products out there that can really make a big difference in your diet journey. But, and this is a big but, it is becoming more important than ever to do your research properly before you buy and use.

Dangerous drugs are by no means a new phenomenon. Since the dawn of the pharmaceutical industry, consumers have been supplied with dangerous drugs, which were later recalled. Thanks to the internet and modern media technology, it is becoming easier and easier to get the message out fast if certain drugs are found to be dangerous. It is also easier than ever before for the man or woman in the street to get accurate information about products they are interested in than ever before. To add to this, it is a world where everybody with access to the internet can express his or her opinion of or experiences with a particular product. The world is becoming a small place for unscrupulous organizations to hide.

On the 22nd of December 2008 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) expanded its list of weight loss pills found to pose a health risk to consumers from 28 to 69. Consumers were warned not to purchase or consume the products, which have been found to contain unacceptable amounts of dangerous ingredients. These ingredients can also interact with other medications that patients may be taking at the time and increase their risk of adverse drug events. This list of potentially harmful substances, which in many cases were found hidden in undeclared active pharmaceutical ingredients, are the following:

  1. Sibutramine. A controlled substance that can cause high blood pressure, seizures, tachycardia (rapid heartbeat), palpitations, heart attack or stroke.
  2. Rimonabant. A drug not approved for marketing in the United States, although it is approved in Europe. It can result in increased risk of depression and suicidal thoughts and has been linked to five deaths and 720 adverse reactions in Europe over the last two years.
  3. Phenytoin. An anti-seizure medication that can have serious and sometimes fatal side-effects.
  4. Phenolphthalein. A solution used in chemical experiments and a suspected cancer causing agent.
  5. Bumetanide. The use of this strong diuretic can lead to serious water and mineral loss.

These FDA listed weight loss products, many of which are marketed as “natural” dietary supplements containing only “herbal” ingredients, are marketed using both the internet as well as some retail stores. Be sure to check the list below next time you are interested in a weight loss pill. These products have not been approved by the FDA, are illegal, and may be potentially harmful to unsuspecting consumers.

Fatloss Slimming 2 Day Diet 3x Slimming Power
Japan Lingzhi 24 Hours Diet 5x Imelda Perfect Slimming 3 Day Diet
7 Day Herbal Slim 8 Factor Diet 7 Diet Day/Night Formula
999 Fitness Essence Extrim Plus GMP
Imelda Perfect Slim Lida DaiDaihua Miaozi Slim Capsules
Perfect Slim Perfect Slim 5x Phyto Shape
ProSlim Plus Royal Slimming Formula Slim 3 in 1
Slim Express 360 Slimtech Somotrim
Superslim TripleSlim Zhen de Shou
Venom Hyperdrive 3.0 Starcaps Slim Waistline
Slim Waist Formula Slim Up Sliminate
Slim Fast 2x Powerful Slimming Slim Express 4 in 1
Reduce Weihgt Super Fat Burner Super Slimming
Sana Plus Trim 2 Plus Powerful Slim
Waist Strength Formula Slimming Formula Perfect Slim Up
Slim Burn Slim 3 in 1 Slim Formula Slim 3 in 1 M18 Royal Diet
Slim 3 in 1 Extra Slim Waist Formula Slim 3 in 1 Extra Slim Formula Natural Model
2 Day Diet Slim Advance Miaozi MeiMiaoQianZiJiaoNang Meizitang
Meili JM Fat Reducer Imelda Fat Reducer
7 Days Diet Extrim Plus 24 Hour Reburn Fasting Diet
Cosmo Slim Body Slimming Body Shaping
Body Creator BioEmagrecin 3 Days Fit
21 Double Slim Eight Factor Diet 7 Diet

Consumers who have already used any of these products should stop taking them and consult their health care professional immediately. The FDA is seeking product recalls and is taking the necessary steps against the organizations involved to protect the American public.

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3 Responses to “FDA Warning to Consumers – Tainted Weight Loss Pills”

  • Annie,

    Following further investigations we have found no evidence that Imelda Perfect Slim has been reformulated since it first appeared on the FDA tainted weight loss pill, on which it still appears. We used your question in our Q&A section and provide a more complete answer there, also explaining which undeclared ingredients are causing the problem. For more information please click on the link provided below. It is our opinion that it would still be in your best interest to avoid this diet pill for now.

    More information on Imelda Perfect Slim

    As an alternative you may want to consider something like Hoodia Gordonii which is a natural appetite suppressant combined with a low carb diet? If not, it would be best to see your doctor and ask him to prescribe you a weight loss product containing sibutramine, which is after all the active ingredient contained in Imelda Perfect Slim responsible for suppressing your appetite. By getting a prescription you will at least be taking the product under medical supervision and the dosage will be properly controlled.

    Again – thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

  • Annie P,

    We can unfortunately not answer your question straight away, but thank you for your question. We will investigate and do a follow up post. It is probably best to avoid this diet pill until you are sure about the safety of the Imelda Perfect Slim formulation currently available on the web.

    Hydroxycut was also removed off the market – reformulated and put back on the market as Hydroxycut Advanced even though the original cause of the problems was never isolated. It is also highly unlikely that Hydroxycut Advanced has been tested properly before its introduction to the market. See link below for more info.


    More info on Imelda Perfect Slim to follow soon.

  • I saw that Imelda Perfect Slim was taken off the market back when this kind of feedback was provided last year. I personally lost 50 pounds effortlessly on Perfect Slim…but did meet up with a lot of knock offs that did not have the same results as the original pills I took. The original pills actually allowed me to ‘forget to eat’…never happened to me before. I felt like I had what skinny people were born with…an indifference to food. It was amazing. I could choose an apple over a brownie..and be very OK with that!! Wierd but wonderful! I would love to have it again…but don’t want to wreck my health along the way.
    Two Questions:
    1) Do you know if the real Imelda was found with the problems…or were the knock offs the ones with issues?
    2) I have now found Imelda back on the web for sale. Has it been modified and now back to meeting FDA regulations for herb only?

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