The Acai Berry Weight Loss Scam

Is the acai berry weight loss craze a scam; just another fad diet? Yes, of course! Crazy claims of huge weight loss in a matter of weeks, all just by incorporating acai berries into your diet? Increased energy levels, improved digestion, improved sleep, younger skin – you name it, the acai berry magically delivers it. No scientific study or report remotely supports any claims made with regards to the weight loss magic offered by the acai berry. Why all the fuss then?

Well, for starters, it is far easier to get the public to believe an exotic berry out of the rain forests of Brazil offers the magic cure for obesity than it would be to convince consumers they will magically lose weight eating blueberries, grapes, apple or banana. While the acai berry offers many other health benefits, it will be no more effective in helping you lose weight than any other fruit.

The acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) berry is just another fruit after all. The berries are harvested in the Brazilian rain forest from acai palms that may reach heights in excess of 60 feet – one of the same palms used to harvest edible hearts of palm. Acai is naturally lower in sugar, with the flavor described as something between berries and chocolate. This berry is commonly used in juices, beverages, smoothies, frozen treats and dietary supplements.

What really catapulted the acai berry into stardom and paved the way for so many unscrupulous companies to take advantage of humanity’s desperate search for a cure for obesity, was a couple of discussions on the Oprah Winfrey show. The berry was listed as one of Dr Perricone’s 10 super foods, specifically included as it contains a remarkable combination of antioxidants, monounsaturated fats, dietary fiber and amino acid complex. Another expert regularly appearing on Oprah’s shows, Dr. Mehmet Oz, also praised the benefits of acai.

While acai was lauded on the Oprah show as a great food source to include in your diet for general health, it was definitely not described as the ultimate weight loss product. Still, many vendors launched deceptive marketing campaigns for the acai berry as the ultimate weight loss product, false implying that it is endorsed as such by Oprah. Oprah’s lawyers are in fact pursuing a number of these companies for false claims of association with Oprah Winfrey.

In some cases, the scam went even further than only false claims as to the weight loss benefits of acai. In one such case; consumers, excited about a 14 day free trial offered by unscrupulous vendors, received the product along with a letter stating that if they did not cancel by phone, they will be automatically receive and be charged for the product on a monthly basis in future. The phone number provided turned out to be invalid! The banks did eventually cancel the transactions for most of these customers, but only after many frustrating phone calls and visits to their local branches.

This article does not intend to imply that the acai berry is not good for you, and that all vendors selling acai berry products are deceitful. Acai has 10 times more antioxidants than red grapes and 10 to 30 more times than the artery-protective flavonoids of red wine, according to It really does promote healthy cardiovascular and digestive systems, and provides amino acids vital for muscle regeneration. The antioxidants contained in acai berries can help delay the aging process and prevent certain forms of cancer. Many suppliers of acai products are honest and really provide value for money. Just be careful where you buy acai products, and make sure you buy them for the right reasons. They are most certainly not the magical cure for weight problems they are made out to be.

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42 Responses to “The Acai Berry Weight Loss Scam”

  • Hi folks, just wanted to add my 10 cents worth. This stuff is definately a scam and probably dangerous to your health. I fell for the FREE pills but only pay for the freight job. They deducted $199 plus freight from my credit card, for each pack of pills they sent.
    I contacted my bank who reversed the transaction. ALSO the Colon cleanse is exactly that, boy does it go through you. Without too much gory detail I can tell you that it is about 6 months since I stopped using this stuff and my bowel is still not completely back to normal.
    It’s like I still get the effects of the cleansing sometimes, so there is still stuff in my system. This is what causes the weight loss, NOT the ACAI bERRY. You could use ordinary colon cleansing on and off and get the same results. DO NOT GO NEAR THIS STUFF.

  • So I fell for the scam :( I was naive, trusting and didn’t read the terms and conditions (which I never do but will be from now on)…I haven’t received any product only charges on my visa. You have only 3 days to cancel!! The product was free and only $19.95 shipping. I didn’t receive any email only a $199.95 charge for some ridiculous membership fee! I will be following up with my bank but I doubt I will have a legal leg to stand on. I am so frustrated and feel so stupid but at the time I was clutching at straws!!!

    Everyone call 866 415 5777 if you’ve only just ordered! You may be able to stop some charges. Good luck

  • I purchased the acai berries outright 4 weeks ago, I got he Acai Slim and the quick slim, started taking both as mentioned in the instructions 2 weeks ago, I haven’t really changed anything other than a little more walking. I weighed myself this morning and I’ve actually put on 2 kilos, like I said I havent changed anything, personally my skin looks clearer but as for weight loss, its crap. Wouldn’t recommend.

  • Wow Thanks to all who left comments I will now avoid this scam, I almost put in my credit card details, just something told me to do some further checking then came accross this site. Weight loss the normal way here I come. Good luck to all with your future weight loss endeavours. $$$$$$$$$$$$$ saved.

  • Could everyone just stop telling me how its a scam, and tell me whether or not it worked? I ordered it, and I was never over-charged. I paid the $2 for shipping and that was it. Maybe everyone here just ordered from the wrong website…

  • Many people are always on the lookout for what is the best way to lose weight quickly because they want to take the short cut to weight loss. When this happens, they resort to doing things that may not work or worse, things that endanger their health. This is why, when deciding to go on a diet, you should never go for a weight loss program just because it is popular. If possible, consult with a physician on the best diet for you, and then stick with that program.

  • like most I was also scammed out of money…. I ordered 1 freen bottle each of acai optimum and the colon cleanse, after 30 days they would deduct money from my account, well that was crap they hadnt even sent my freebies and the money was already gone from my account…. i rang them and cancelled however they would not refund my money but garunteed i would recieve 2 bottles of each….
    ha ha ha ha…. I rfecieved 1 bottle of colan cleanse and an empty foil pack that was torn…. they promised to replace these but didnt… my partner recieved his acai optimum but nothing else… i used these and lost 1kg in a month with no exercise etc…. oh and my partner had to cancel his credit card because even tho he rand them and canceled the continued to try and deduct money from his card for several months, lucky the bank used their brain and called us first

  • I ordered acai optimum only to cancel the order immediately. I panicked after going over the fine print bc I thought I might have been scammed or at best mislead. I called 03 90087796 and was given a cancellation number and told that everything was cancelled and that nothing would be debited from my credit card. In a couple of weeks I received 2 bottles of the stuff and then checked the credit card statement only to find I’d been debited USD$99.96. I called back and they told me I didn’t cancel the second lot ????? What a crock!!! Utter crap!!! How are you supposed to cancel a second lot you don’t know is coming bc you assume you’ve cancelled the original order and that would cover everything … ESPECIALLY considering you cancelled it literally the minute after you hit enter on the keyboard and they GUARANTEED nothing would be debited!!! SERIOUSLY!!! They first said they’d only refund a percentage as they don’t refund … and I told them in no uncertain terms that what they were doing was illegal and that I would be getting the police involved and my lawyer .. I asked how they slept at night knowing that they scam people … I also suggested that they find a real job! Apparently now I can keep the bottles (I initially refused to send them back, and told them they could come and get them) and supposedly I’ll receive the refund through my account in 7 to 10 days and and email within 2 days to confirm the cancellation. Let’s see what happens now …

  • I placed an order for the free trial . I was sent the order form which indicated that I was being billed for $1.95 only. I received the product and had to pay a further $12.00 in shipping. Today I checked with my bank and was informed that on August 12, 2010, the day I ordered the product, $99.96 was withdrawn from my account in favour of NTR* and on August 16,2010 another $6.95 was withdrawn in the name of the same company.

  • I was just about to try the free trial. I got as far as filling out the shipping details then clicked the continue button that took me to the shipping payment section. The only option for payment was by credit card. Apart from not having one and not believing in them, I would NEVER have given out those details in a fit anyhow. Plus as I put my nickname; the surname I am about to change from mine to, I can only imagine that I wouldn’t have received the product, free or not, once they tried to debit the card had I given the details, so I was lucky. Credit card should NOT be the only payment option. If it’s a scam it makes sense though. Good luck to those trying to sort their mess from being scammed. Once bitten twice shy hopefully

  • All of the info is very helpful and has helped me conclude that as a dietary supplement acai berry would be pretty good but no weight loss miracle. What stands out though is the difficulty people have with their banks – you are the customer and it is your money so why are the banks being difficult when you want something canceled – banks need to be more customer focused – what a pity we cant do without them.

  • Well i think this one takes the cake! $1500 paid to me to stay on the Acai berry and colon pills for 60 days, give testemonial of how good it is when i see the end results after 60 days. All i had to do is show the shipping receipts to claim. HANG ON free trial? receipts? clinical test? popular health magazine doing the public trial? then look up acai berry scam and you have all these reporters, endorsed by ABC, CBS etc etc saying how wonderful it was after only 30 days!! this is really poor sport. how dissappointing they have gone through such a deceitful avenue to sell some pills. If they had of been truthful i may have tried them anyway.

  • So I fell for the scam :( I was naive, trusting and didn’t read the terms and conditions (which I never do but will be from now on)…worst yet THE ACAI BERRIES AND COLON CLEANSER DID NOTHING even with exercise and a healthy diet, a standard detox even works better!! I was not even aware of the scam until a friend mentioned it to me but even then I assumed I would at least have the 30 day trial period to cancel it. Huh-oh…they only give you a 14 day duration to cancel it and not from the day you received the product but from the day you ordered it!! I was one day outside the 14 day period so rung the company 03 9008 7796 to confirm my online cancellation had worked and they said it was all fine, I didn’t have to send the bottle back and I would not be charged anything further…low and behold they slap a $200 charge to my credit card that same day…which is not even for delivery or dispatch of the next shipment but for some ridiculous membership fee! I will be following up with my bank but I doubt I will have a legal leg to stand on. I am so frustrated and feel so stupid but at the time I was clutching at straws for an edge on the weight loss battle…paying the exorbitant gym fee would have been preferable…but hindsight is a useless tool lol. I’m never giveing out my credit card details again!!! By the way I’m an Exercise Physiologist so while I’m very much pro exercise the reality is that exercise is inconsequential to weight loss WITHOUT a calorie controlled diet…it is amazing however at keeping the weight off! The weight watchers points system is also a very successful and sustainable program. The key to weight loss is nutritional knowledge and MOTIVATION :)

  • Feel bad for the people who got scamed. Many of companies worked really hard to fool ALOT of people. Lesson learned ALWAYS READ THE FINE PRINT. I had something similar to this happen to me so as I was reading about this product I was just about to order but something said, read it!! somethings wrong here and I did and I saved myself alot of trouble. Hope things work out for the rest of you!

  • This is truly one of the worst SCAMS! STAY WAY! Everything you read is true. I recently got stung. I wish I had read this website first. I have been fraudulently charged. I have been unable to get a refund from this company. I had to cancel my credit card in order not to be further charged.
    I highly recommend any else who has been stung to do the following: write to every major news network, credit card company, government associated agencies and the BBB in Pheonix Az and tell them about this scam. I already have and if we band together maybe we can prevent anyone else from being scammed and maybe even get them shut down. We can’t let them get away with this.

  • It has less nutritional value than a blueberry and yet countless testimonials swear by it. Why is this?

    Placebo Effect. In a Harvard study, the same effects were observed when experimenters unknowingly took sugar pills instead of a real supplements. Here’s how this applies to acai:

    Eating the berry makes people THINK they are losing weight, giving people the confidence to eat healthier and energy to continue pushing forward on their workout routines. The imaginary results then became real results, but not because of the berry, as consumers believe, but the change in their own mindset.

    When we think our tactics aren’t working, we abandon them. Likewise, when we are fooled into believing something IS helping, we kick our efforts into overdrive. That is how acai truly works

  • To Get Your Money...

    For those hoping to recoup their loses, here are a few of your best options:
    1. Contact credit company/banking institution IMMEDIATELY.
    2. Open up a dispute on any unauthorized charges.
    3. If your credit card company cannot cancel these payments/prevent future transactions, CLOSE THE CARD before they inflict further damage. Remember, the scammers have your billing info.
    4. Open up a claim with the BBB against the retailer that sold you the acai, they may issue a refund.
    5. If the retailer is not listed, or will not refund, open up a claim against your bank/credit card company for allowing multiple unauthorized transactions. They will then most likely contact you to negotiate a resolution.

    *Contact consmer Affairs if all else fails*

    Hopefully, between the business, your bank, your credit card company, and the BBB, SOMEONE will be able to help you right this wrong. If not, consider it payment for a valuable life lesson. Be sure to pass your knowledge along to help others avoid being duped. Best of luck

  • I can’t believe it – looks like I have fallen for this too. D’oh! No email, invalid UK phone number (I’m in Aus), and no conceivable way of canceling. I have no idea what to do here, will be ringing the bank on opening on Wed I guess :( Can’t believe I’ve fallen for a scam. Guess it’s true – if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is

  • Oh boy, another one…I just find it amazing how media hype can make people believe the utmost rubbish so easily. We must all learn not to believe everything we read. Double-check everything and find a few reputable sites to save you some trouble. I don’t think there is such a thing as a healthy and effective weight loss pill. If it works, it is dangerous and probably have very nasty side-effects. And those that are not dangerous does not work. Healthy food and plenty of exercise – the only way to lose weight for good.

  • Ashly, Steve and Dawn, sorry to hear you got trickled by these acai berry vendors, and thank you for sharing your experiences with us. You just saved me a heap of trouble and money. Don’t feel to bad, these diet product manufacturers can be so convincing, I was ready to buy – thought I’ll do one last search on the internet and stumbled across this article. To Carrie Jones and the management team at – keep going with this style of reporting. You are probably losing out on some sales for diet products but you are gaining heaps in respect and loyalty for telling it like it is. Let the info come – as we learn more about our bodies and minds we will hopefully stop looking for quick fixes and lose weight properly and permanently. Some of us just need to be reminded every so often.

  • I was very stupid fallin for the free trial accai berry, I only read the part which asks to pay for mailing/shipping costs which was a very small amount of money. I was shocked when I noticed that AUD135 was missing, I went to my bank for clarification and was shocked again when I realised that I lost my money through ordering the accai berry free trial which I havent received, in a way I feel that the stole my money and my details. Dont do it people Iam really really worried, god knows how much I will end up losing.

  • Well Dawn, I would like to say that all husbands are right and that you should all listen to them – I am a husband and well…..I have been had too and my own stupid fault no-one else to blame and similar amounts as you. Bank is looking into it as well but I don’t like my chances, I only ordered the sample and paid for the postage without reading the ‘Terms and Conditions’. They cannot be contacted either I have tried unless someone can help with that but hard to swallow and a terrible lesson learnt….I feel like crap! Cancel your cards now is the only advice I can give I wish there was more but (uppercut) I deserve it!

  • I was taken for a ride too. Got the freebies. Hubby told me off. I told him not to worry.
    When he rang today to tell me 3 payments of 133 have been taken off, I nearly died. I didnot ask for any more and wasn’t going to. Hasn’t done any thing miraculous BTW. I was wondering if Suzanne had any luck with getting money from bank because that is all we can try to hope for now.
    Cheers Dawn
    PS Why are husbands always right and doesn’t it give you the shits :-)

  • Ok here is the deal.
    loosing weight and keeping it off is a matter of changing your actual lifestyle, i mean you can go on a diet or a facny regieme but it will end in 8-10 weeks or what ever the time frame then it is back to the same old traps you were falling into in the first place.
    Every body knows how much they eat and exactly what they eat in a day, if you want that small piece of chocolate then eat it earlier on in the day which enables you to burn it off throughout the day and ofcourse to speed the procees upp you need to exercise…
    This along with everything in life just needs to be processed and though about and looking at those stupis ads with prommises of a new you is just pure boredom and laziness…

  • Hi all, thanks for this blog.. i was nearly getting this stupid trial. I was searching for it on google and followed this link, i am glad i did. I now realize that one can only loose weight with a good diet and ample amount of exercise. Thanks to all.. have a good one..

  • I was one of the victim of this Acai Berri. I just forgot about the trial period and then I was charged on my credit card. Along with that few other things got charged with it. When the enquired that it was a part of the offer and it is mentioned in the “agreement”. I lost AU$130 in total. After cancelling all the related products, I was charged another 10$or so for something else. When I contacted them they told that it was not them, but it was their partners and we got to call them to cancel those. I had to finally put a stop on my credit card and got my credit card number changed.BEST THING TO DO IS DIET AND EXERCISE. NOTHING ELSE HELPS. PLEASE DON’T BE FOOLED.

  • I think it is ridiculous to believe this berry will cure all but for it to be a scam well all the scamers have done is prevent people from wanting to buy goods off the Internet, if you are in any business trust is the most important ingredient, if these people were honest they wouldn’t be in the position where they needed to cheat people out of their money, lets be honest countries where people are known to be dishonest are the ones where people live in poverty and the same goes for cultures are stingy

  • For all you people looking for some ‘cure to obesity’.. here is the answer:

    Energy In – Energy Out

    Use more energy than you put in. IE – Put that cake down and go for a run. It really is not that difficult. I was quite overweight and lost all of by simply eating UNPROCESSED food, and working out every day. No pain no gain, and at the end of the day, we’re Humans, not some weird invention that can gain/lose body mass with pills..

    Get into the gym!!

  • I have ordered the free trial[pay only p+h]froma couple of sites claiming exceptional benefits from weight loss to fantastic health and each of these sites has had a catch;i.e:charge you in full after 14 days,phone numbers to cancel order that are disconnected,etc.I do believe it has great health benefits but i think a balance of whole foods,meditation,and a well rounded excercise regime are most important!The best weight loss and life wellness plan that i have found is in Jon Gabriels book”The Gabriel Method”.Apart from the wealth of information on not only weight loss,but also how to achieve a better life.He has a cd[free with the book] which is a fantastic meditation,but also takes you through how to visualise the body you want and the life you want.I lost 3kg in 2 weeks and feel a profound change in all aspects of my life and overall health.I have nothing to gain by spruiking,but feel the compulsion to share this as i know it will help so many people!LOVE and LIGHT to ALL!!!!Nick xo

  • I have tried acai berry suppliments but never expected any miracle weight loss – that is fairy speak.
    I have found when I am tired in the morning I will get a lift from it that helps me along. It may have helped me lose a pound in two weeks, but who knows. I was looking more for a nutritional suppliment that was food based, but did not require me to eat too much to get it. It has filled my needs, but would not rely on it to cure the obesity pandemic.

  • hey
    This morning I just bought the 14 day free trial of acai berry and now I’m so worried its this type of scam. Does anyone know how to contact them and cancel? I cant believe i fell for it and now I’m really dissapointed.
    Please help me..

  • Acai berry is a great weight loss aid. I don’t care what you say. I tried Acai Berry All in One colon cleanse and I lost 10 lbs in two weeks. if it didn’t work for you, you haven’t followed the instructions properly. As far as the online scams go, I think you may have a point. I have noticed lots of them on the internet. So for those of you that want to try it – buy it through Amazon, a site you trust, or from your local pharmacy. Don’t fall for any of these free trials on acai berry.

  • Just to confirm this. I am one of those suckers that fall for the next craze every time. I just have to believe they will find a cure for our weight problems. I can therefor report based on personal experience that I bought the acai berry pills with great expectations of losing weight fast. The only thing I lost fast was my money. Nothing else. So if they tell you you will lose weight taking acai, it is simply not true. Of course i didn’t follow the suggested diet, because that would have been pure starvation. But then I guess that is why so many people think they lose weight on acai. They take the pills and follow the suggested detox diet, and then lose weight. But it really is the detox diet that work, and I know from bitter experience that these very low calorie detox diets just mess up my metabolism so they are just not worth it. I have now started on good old Atkins again. Hopefully I’ll lose it for good this time.

  • Out of all honesty, I was really afraid to even take the free trial. I knew there had to be something else ‘required’ to get the berry. I just didn’t know exactly what it was. As this article said, it’s probably identiy theft. Also, as other comments on this article said, there are probably a lot of fake blogs and promoters. I’ve yet to come across real proof, therefore they;re out of luck. If only there were something as helpul as that. I feel as if exercise isn’t always enough.

  • I use to be overweight and continued to deceive myself with diet pills, high protein diets, vitamin supplements, protein powders, sports drinks, etc. -”miracle” substances like Acai Berry. IT WAS ALL TOTALLY INEFFECTIVE! I was constantly depressed about it, because not even exercise was helping me loose weight. And so I decided to use the scientific method on my own body. Through science, I was able to create a nutrient rich, high fiber, low fat, low glycemic diet that consists of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lots of broccoli and spinach, lean meat (no red meat), and little fish. Using science to create my diet and exercise plan, I was able to transform my body from a typical overweight American to a marathon running athlete. I do not take vitamin or mineral supplements or protein powders, and I am incredibly fit because my nutrients come from eating the actual spinach or broccoli or apples or berries, etc. I think there are 4 keys to weight loss: nutrient rich foods (the actual food, not powder or supplements), high fiber diet, low fat diet, and exercise at least 5 days a week.

  • Thanks for this article. I just do not understand that people keep on falling for scams such as this. Over and over again. The only way to lose weight is to follow a healthy, balanced diet and exercise! people are always looking for quick fixes when they know there are none!

  • Carrie (

    Just a note to all of our customers. We received reports of Acai Berry scam artists asking clients for their social security numbers! Please note that you should never have to provide your social security number for an online transaction! Identity theft is gaining momentum, so be careful when providing personal information online.

  • Well – I personally have seen the evidence of Acai Berry working. I think there are a lot of things people just don’t know about yet. New scientific discoveries are made on a daily basis, also with regards to weight loss. So don’t ask me how acai berry works, but I just know it does. Three of my friends lost weight by incorporating it into their diets. Personally I never had a problem with my weight, on the contrary; but I know these friends intimately and they swear by it. And yes, just in case you wonder – I am a reseller of the product. Don’t slam something before you have all the facts!

  • In my opinion everything about the acai berry is a scam. Yes it may have a slightly higher ORAC count, but no product will ever be able to live up to the hype! As for weight loss, agree 100%. Have some fruit and you’ll see the exact same benefits. It is a pity perfectly good food like the acai berry is being exploited to such a degree. It actually puts you off the fruit, where it is quite a wholesome little berry…

  • Hi Lindi,

    Thanks for shopping with us, and it is good to hear that you had a pleasant experience.

    Just to clarify – if you take acai berry supplements as part of a balanced diet, it can be of great benefit to you. Acai will most certainly help limit inflammation in your body, and will help promote heart health. The amino acid complex will be of great benefit to maintaining your lean muscle mass.Preliminary indications suggest you are definitely not wasting your money if you are using it for your general health, but more research is required. Watch this space for the latest news.

    This article was meant to address the popular misconception that acai berry on its own contains some or other magical ingredient that will help you lose weight, not to suggest that the acai berry is not good for you.

    Thanks for your comment, it is always good to know where we need to be more clear. We also always encourage honest feedback on our site, as it is our policy not only to provide you with the best weight loss products available, but also with as much as possible information, so you can make informed decisions.

  • I bought Acai from via the supplement store, and I didn’t have any problems with the product or paying for it. I have been using it for two weeks, and lost 2 lbs, but have also been exercising and watching my diet. I do have more energy, but that could be the healthier lifestyle as well. I’ll keep on using it for the health benefits as it appears it is good for my general health? Or am I just wasting my money?

  • Well said. I was one of those customers that fell for the 14 day free trial. Could not reached the company, and had to convince my bank I was taken for a ride. I can tell you, be careful where you buy! As far as weight loss is concerned, acai was about as effective as a banana, LOL. Why I fell for it in the first place I don’t know. Guess it was just that there were so many blogs on the internet with people claiming to lose weight using the stuff that I hoped it was true. Suppose most of those blogs were fake….

    Like this site, and keep on giving us the honest truth. Next time before I buy something I’ll check out this site first.

    By the way – the food diary works like a charm.

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