Healthy Foods You Must Avoid If You Want to Burn Fat

Author: Christopher Fox

These days everywhere you look in the grocery store you see foods that claim to be the greatest thing since the invention of the wheel when it comes to being healthy. Fat free this and healthy choice that are all over the food labels. Unfortunately more often than not the food labeling is motivated by profit and greed rather than good intentions and honesty. The food marketers just want to bump their sales and your health is not exactly in the forefront of their mind. Pay attention to the whole story and be sure to avoid some of these so called healthy foods when trying to lose weight and burn fat.

The first impostor is the good old fashioned granola bar. It seems like everywhere you look in popular culture the granola bar is heralded as being associated closely with health food (and hippies I guess but that is beside the point). The problem is that the vast majority of the granola that you see in the grocery store is anything but healthy. As a matter of fact most of the granola bars sold these days are actually not much more healthy than a regular candy bar when it comes down to basic nutrition. Beware of granola bars that are loaded with sugar and high fructose corn syrup. If you must eat granola make sure you get natural granola that uses honey and other natural sweeteners. Even then be careful because even natural sugar affects your overall blood sugar level and in a large quantity is not much better than the refined stuff.

Another masked junk food is yogurt. Now I know some of you are screaming right now because it is true that not all yogurts are unhealthy. But unfortunately a lot of it is bad for you. You really have to pay attention to the label on this one. Again it is the added sugar that is the bad guy here. A lot of the mass produced yogurts have added sugars and flavorings that make the snack on the same level as candy. Heck, just take a look at some of the new yogurts with added mix-ins. Some of them come with actual candy added to them! Most of the ones with fruit are not much better. You really have to pay attention and make sure that the fruit added is natural fruit and not that sticky sweet fruit that is bound together with tons of corn syrup. Again you might as well eat a candy bar.

Finally make sure you avoid fat free salad dressing. I know this might be a shock to some and you could be shaking your head at me right now but it is true. To understand this you have to understand the origin of fat free salad dressing and a lot of the fat free foods you see in the stores these days. Back before the Atkins diet craze and the banishment of carbs by a lot of misguided health wannabes there was actually another separate group of these people that chased fat out of town with torches and pitchforks. You see a lot of people made fat in general out to be a bad guy and blamed fat in foods for all of their health problems. The truth is that fat in food is actually an essential part of a healthy diet. Even more so good fats are needed for a proper fat burning diet. Olive oil is one of the best things for your diet and health. But during the ban fat days this was not talked about and everyone just wanted to go fat free. That is when these dressings popped up. Now remember this was before the Atkins craze so people did not think about carbs at all. So when creating these fat free dressings the makers decided to improve on the flavor that was lost by removing the tasty oils (fats) they added in sugar. Sugar showed up as a carb and did not matter to the fat free label. So when you are using fat free dressing just remember you are actually using sugar dressing! A regular dressing with a healthy oil like olive oil is much better than a fat free version of the same dressing.

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