The 3 Habits That Will Transform Your Health and Life

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The first is Persistence:

Whatever you do in life, if you do not take any action or series of actions regarding any specific goal or task, then you cannot achieve your objective. There are situations that come up during anyone’s life that sometimes require immediate action or a sustained series of actions for a prolonged period of time. For example, let’s say you are at home or at work and a fire breaks out in the room you are in, and the fire is blocking the exit door. You know that in that room, there are two windows that could lead you to safety. So what actions do you take? Of course, you want to rescue yourself. Within seconds, the smoke fills the room and visibility is nil. So you find your way to the first window; it’s completely shut, and you cannot open it. So what do you do?

At this stage, the smoke has filled the room, and the fire is very near. Are you moving slowly like you are taking a walk in the park? or are you just standing there, taking no action? Neither. You move frantically and fast, scanning and feeling your way to all possible exits. If one is blocked, then you rush to the other and keep persistently trying until you find the next window; you break it and free yourself from DANGER.

Was inaction, at any time, an option in that inferno? Your life was in danger. You took action by persistently trying other options until you succeeded and freed yourself from that danger. Inaction was “never” an option. Yet, in real life, tens of millions of people in the U.S. choose inaction and are virtually “staying in that room and doing nothing.” I take that back, they are actually staying in that room, but unintentionally they are feeding the fire and making it worse. The toll? 1.7 MILLION LIVES EVERY YEAR ARE CLAIMED BY OBESITY, INACTIVITY AND SMOKING.

How are people doing that kind of harm to themselves, you ask?

When people who have diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease or high blood pressure come to the pharmacy, drop off their prescriptions for an antibiotic or prescriptions for their chronic ailments then turn around and order a triple-decker cheeseburger slathered with mayo and grease, along with super-sized French Fries and a super-sized sugary soft drinks or other sugary beverages, then finish their meal off with a cigarette and go home and sit in front of the tube for six long hours watching TV, would these people be feeding the fire in that room or not?

Now, here is another example of persistence. Anyone can think back to any new job or position you really wanted and got. First, you knew you had to “act” (persistent action) by going to that interview and trying to impress your interviewer with your credentials. You get accepted to that position, and then what do you do? You “act” again (persistent action) by learning the work place requirements, and you act yet again by learning and training yourself on the various tasks assigned to you. For the first three or four weeks or more, you “act” (persistent action) by learning your new tasks.

At first, if you think back, were you very comfortable initially with your new assignments? Did you know and execute everything required from you flawlessly? or rather, did it take you some time (a series of persistent and repetitive actions of errors and corrections over a period of several weeks) until you were able to master all the tasks required from you? Likewise actions need apply to improving your daily food, snacking, beverage and activity choices any where you are; home, work or out and about. Made not so favorable food or snack choice one day (Refer to List A in the food section of Action Step 4 for favorable food, snack and beverage choice ideas) then improve your choice the next day and keep going.

Having good health as we age is paramount. If you are a smoker and do nothing (no persistent actions), you will most likely end up like Peter Jennings of ABC and George Harrison of the Beatles .

But, on the other hand, if you execute a series of persistent actions in favor of your health, such as: learning to build a habit of making better food choices; and building a habit of walking more each day by making more frequent trips; and learning to take the longer way during your several daily errands and chores, that would be like the persistent actions you took to learn the new tasks assigned to you in that job. Would your small but “persistent” actions to quit smoking or lose weight by taking more steps each day and by learning to make better food choices in order to improve diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol control benefit your health? Of course they would.

From now on, failure is your friend; because when you are trying, you might fail at times, but you will learn from those failures. With persistent repetition, you get yourself a favorable habit for a lifetime. And that deserves congratulations. Those who tried and failed in their attempt to quit smoking or to lose weight, and who “kept on” trying after that initial failure, have actually prevailed. So, when you are faced with a problem, think of the smoke in that room. Keep trying until you find another solution.

Every problem and obstacle has several solutions. Smoking and obesity are formidable foes and killers (major threats like the fire and smoke in that room). When you are faced with a challenge, come up with several solutions and act on them, and remain persistent with your quest to achieve better health for life and you will prevail. You “can” choose favorable actions for your health; you are worth it. Remember, if you have good health, the possibilities are endless.

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