Top 10 Weight Loss Tips

1. Be realistic. Not meeting your own expectations is the fastest way to fail at weight loss. You should plan to lose no more than and average of 1-2 pounds or half a kilo to 1 kilo per week. Reaching realistic targets will give you a sense of achievement.

2. Never give up. The target weight loss per week you have set yourself is an average. in real life you may lose nothing for two weeks and the 2 or 3 pounds the next week! Present your weight loss to yourself in a graph, and just keep going. Do not be discouraged by periods where your body appears to not be reacting. It is just gearing itself up for the next big loss.

3. Get support. It is much easier to lose weight when you have a good support structure. Surround yourself with friends and family who will encourage you through the process. Be careful about telling those people who might be discouraging, either by not believing in you or by reminding you about your diet every time they see you eat.

4. Subscribe to the motto of doing everything in moderation when it comes to food. By following this mantra with eating, you will learn sustainable habits, never feel cheated, remain positive and will lose weight at a reasonable pace and feel good while doing it! remember that there will always be more of whatever you crave now. You do not have to have it all in one go!

5. Join a program or an online community. Weight loss groups like Weight Watchers are popular for more than just their diet plans. By surrounding yourself with like-minded people with similar goals you are massively enhancing you chances for success. It is also a great way to talk through some of the issues that you might be experiencing with your weight loss program. Support is crucial when you are attempting to make major lifestyle changes.

6. Choose your information sources carefully. The well meant advice of a friend or co-worker may be not be accurate, and you need to always consider such advice with other sources of information. Instead find trust sources of information such as your family doctor, a nutritionist, the trainer at your gym or even a reputable website. Informed decision making around eating habits is a crucial component of sustainable weight loss.

7. Dress for success: Start thinking about yourself as an attractive person and dress accordingly. Overweight people often tend to dress “bigger” than they actually are with baggy or over sized clothing. Invest in clothes that are flattering and make you feel better about yourself, even if you have to visit a “Big & Tall” or similar shop. You’d be amazed how many nice outfits are available at these shops.

9. Remember that the best approach to permanent weight loss is to adopt a more healthy way of living in the longer term. True there may be some approaches that gives us a head start, but in the long term, a healthy living is imperative. Some of these fad diets can actually negatively affect your health, so be sure to do your research before you opt for a quick fix solution.

10. Get on the scales, but not too often. Yes, the dreaded scales. We hate them, but once you know the extent and nature of a problem, you can fix it. many people gain weight purely because they do not measure themselves regularly, and therefor only catch on to the problem much later in the game. Try and get on the scales about once a week. If you get onto the scales every day, you may be discouraged by normal fluctuations, or really get obsessive about your weight..

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