Achieve your optimal body weight by using our new free online weight loss tools

Let us start by understanding what is meant by “optimal body weight”. Your health should be the most important consideration when you determine your goal weight, so your “optimal body weight” is that number on the scales at which you are likely to be the healthiest you can be. To calculate your optimal body weight your height, age, gender, build (bone structure) and degree of muscular development must be taken into consideration.

Why are more than 60% of all Americans overweight and more than 25% obese? There are many reasons for this, including the ever-present media, the flourishing fast food industry, increasingly sedentary lifestyles of the western civilizations, misinformation and even a lack of education, just to name some of the reasons. What we must realize though, is that after all is said and done, it is our bodies. We live with the consequences of our decisions, and it is up to us to make sure that we educate ourselves well enough to make informed decisions.

It is sometimes difficult to accept responsibility for the choices we’ve made in our lives to date and to recognize when and where we have made certain bad choices. Many of us are offended by the mere suggestion that we do not take responsibility for our actions. We always do, don’t we? Not quite. If we are very honest with ourselves and we take a good look at where we are at and why; it quickly becomes clear that we very often try to find something or someone else to blame for our shortcomings. It is just so much easier to come up with excuses than to accept that we could have handled many things differently. We all use very similar excuses too. See if you recognize some of them..

  • I do not have enough money to buy healthy food or join a gym
  • I do not have the time to prepare healthy food or to exercise
  • I have a slow metabolism
  • I am too stressed at the moment to worry about losing weight as well
  • I have always been overweight, it is just my nature
  • No one ever taught me how to eat the right foods
  • I comfort eat because I am depressed

What we don’t necessarily realize, is that every time we use an excuse, we are undermining our own power and potential. We are playing the victims! We do not consider the options we do have to escape from the dispair we find ourselves in. Victim mentality rules! We just try to find more reasons not to make the right decisions. The most empowering realization, affecting just about every aspect of your life, is that we always, always have a choice. We cannot choose the challenges that come our way, but we most certainly can always choose how we deal with it.

So, how do you go about achieving your optimal body weight? Follow these 8 simple rules for losing weight consistently and you will fit into the outfit of your dreams sooner than you may have imagined.

1. Make the decision to lose weight.

The first step to any successful weight loss journey must be to make a conscious choice to do whatever it takes to achieve your target weight, whatever happens and however long it takes. Realize that for it to be sustainable weight loss, it will take time. Without a conscious decision like this any diet program is doomed to failure from the start.

2. Be honest with yourself.

Decide to be honest with yourself. No more excuses and stop beating yourself up over bad decisions in the past. Face up to your mistakes, take responsibility for them, forgive yourself and decide how you want to live going forward. Know that you always, always have a choice.

3. Current weight reality check

Time for the truth. This step is probably the hardest part of the whole process. Get onto the scales and get a realistic view of how much weight you have to lose. Weighing yourself can either galvanize you into action through the pure shock of knowing how far you’ve let yourself go, or it can set your mind at ease knowing that you are not dealing with the total disaster you thought you were. It doesn’t matter which way it goes, use it to motivate and set you up with a benchmark to measure your success against.

4. Record your intake of calories and nutrients using an online food diary.

Start understanding what and how much you eat and how your food choices affect your weight. Capture every single thing you eat or drink in a daily food diary that can calculate your total calorie intake for you. All of us are different, and you need to find out what works for you by managing your calorie intake and leaning how the spread of these calories over protein, carbohydrates and fats affects you individually. You will soon find out which of your favorite food items you can have more of, and of which you should rather have less. Notice the impact of your food intake on your energy levels. Your body will let you know if you are treating it well.

5. Track your weight loss.

Weigh yourself at least once every week, and track the changes on a weight loss graph. Few things can be as motivating as a consistent downwards trend on a weight loss graph. When you consider your progress on the scales, always take into account daily weight fluctuations. Measure your success on the trend and not on the weight loss itself. You will notice that gradually both the highs and the lows will become progressively lower. If you are conscious of your weight, you will also find that you automatically are more aware of what you eat.

6. Become more active.

Start leading a more active life. Not all of us are athletes, so it is not necessary to go out immediately and spend hours in the gym. Just gradually and consistently increase your activity levels every day, by walking a bit more, taking the stairs a bit more often and participating in more fun outings with friends and family.

7. Manage Binge Eating Triggers.

If you do make a mistake and overeat, or indulge in something you shouldn’t have, do not regard it as a catastrophe and a reason for abandoning the diet. Don’t blame the party, or the work function, or the event, or whatever happened. Accept it for what it was; a simple mistake. Try to learn from it to prevent it from happening again, and continue on your weight loss journey with more determination than ever before. Every time you get to know a new trigger for overeating is an opportunity to make you even stronger.

8. Become more resilient.

This is probably the most important virtue every dieter should continuously work on to improve. Resilience is all about being able to handle the inevitable setbacks and learning how to use these setbacks to your advantage. Whichever nutritional program you are on, you will make mistakes and you will reach plateaus. The key to success in achieving your optimal body weight lies in your ability to deal with the challenges being thrown your way.

Use these free weight loss tools to achieve your goal and monitor your success.

At myOBW you can find all the tools you need for establishing a starting point, measuring your progress and finally reaching your goal weight. These free online weight loss tools include weight tracking, body measurement tracking and an online food diary.

The online food diary at allows you not only to capture your daily food intake by choosing from thousands of fresh, fast food and other store bought food items; it also allows you to capture any items that may not yet be on the list. In addition the system allows you to create your own unique dishes or recipes on the system, making it easier for you to capture everything you eat. It also allows for the creation of a family pantry, so dishes prepared can be selected by all family members capturing their food intake on the myOBW system.

Some of the other features of the myOBW system include the calculation (and tracking) of your BMI and your optimal body weight taking into account your height, bone structure and your waist-to-hip-ratio. The system also calculates the date you are likely to reach your goal weight taking into account your weight loss history. To improve the quality of the statistics, the system also allows for multiple weight loss phases, which can be used to cater for changes in diet, or planned holiday periods.

The Optimal Body Weight System (myOBW) will support you in your weight loss journey irrespective of the diet you have selected. Optimal Body Weight is diet independent, so it can provide you with consistent information even if you decide to change diets halfway through your journey. In the process it can help you decide which diet works best for you. So, whatever diet you are on (Atkins, South Beach, Zone, Mediterranean, general calorie restricted, low GI, you name it), decide to start losing weight today and join myOBW.

Click on the follwing link for you personalized set of weight loss tools.

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5 Responses to “Achieve your optimal body weight by using our new free online weight loss tools”

  • Thank You for the compliments.

    We are glad to see more and more people joining myOBW on a daily basis. The community is growing constantly and we have been thinking of launching a forum soon…watch this space

  • Thanks for great advice and reviews.

    I also got into the habit of weighing myself on a daily basis. It keeps me heading in the right direction, but it remains an extremely frustrating game. I recon a lot of the frustration is caused by changes in my water retention levels resulting in constant up and down movements in my weight.

    I’m also planning to register with myOBW today to see if I can get some clarity as to what causes these daily fluctuations. I will keep you all posted.

    Lastly….what about a forum where all the OBW members can discuss their progress?

    Keep up the good work

  • Agree 100% on the rules for weight loss. getting on the scales two months ago for me was a nightmare come true, but once I got over the shock, I got determined. I am never letting myself get this fat again. I especially like the resilience rule. That is where I come up short – time and time again. Good luck you guys.

    BTW I am about to register on the system, but will for now only use it to track my weight loss. It looks snazzy!

  • I have been using the OBW system for some time now to control my carb levels – I am on Atkins. It works like a charm.


  • Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I have been following your weight loss blog with interest and love the different options you present. Your 8 simple rules for losing weight makes perfect sense. I also registered onto myOBW and had an eye opener as to the number of calories I actually take in per day as opposed to what I though I did! LOL.

    I am currently on a low fat diet, and I use alli. I have been losing approximately 1 pound per week for 4 weeks in a row now. Probably slow in some people’s term, but fantastic for me…

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