About Us

Welcome to OptimalBodyweight.com!

Our vision is that of a world without the current plague of obesity caused by unhealthy eating and living habits. To contribute to the realization of this vision, our goal is to provide the best one-stop weight management information and resource center on the internet.

We explore the global market so we can provide our community with relevant information to help all members understand why they have gained the weight in the first place, the most effective ways of losing it, and the resources available to make the journey a bit easier. We all know that the better you know your subject, the easier it is to accomplish any goal you set your mind to…

The wealth of information on the internet has its downside too. It has become increasingly difficult to identify effective products and tools from all that is advertised on the internet. This blog assist our community in overcoming this problem by providing pre-screened, up-to-date news and information that cover a wide variety of relevant topics, products and services.

We are also very conscious of the fact that everybody is different. True and sustainable weight loss can only be achieved when the products, tools and techniques a person uses really suit his individual personality and physiology. For this reason we discuss a range of options, so each member of our community can make informed decisions.

Aside from a very supportive community, we also offer (for free) a growing number of tools, including a BMI calculator and a function with which our readers can clearly see the exact nutritional composition of any food items they consume.