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All-In-One Weight Loss Management System

Sign Up Here to start using your personalized All-In-One weight loss management system immediately. Record and track all aspects of your weight loss journey. It is easy and quick to manage your diet goals and weight loss progress. Some of the many features of the myOBW system available exclusively to registered members are:

Dashboard view of your weight loss progress  Dashboard view of your weight loss progress

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All your most important diet statistics viewable on your dashboard, including:
>> Weight movement graph...with trend
>> Body Measurement movement graph
>> Weight loss statistics
>> Ideal Weight
>> Expected target weight date
>> Body composition analysis
>> Lean mass calculation
>> Fat mass and Fat percentage
>> BMI (Body Mass Index)
>> Metabolic Indicators
>> Total Energy Requirement TER
>> Body Measurement Analysis
>> Waist ratio and waist to hip ratio

Dashboard view of your weight loss progress

Food Journal  Food Journal

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The food journal enables you to easily record and keep track of:
>> food intake
>> calories consumed
>> nutritional value of your meals
>> food composition breakdown

Food Journal

100% Free and Private  100% Free and Private

All the online weight loss resources and diet tools available in the myOBW system are 100% free to registered members.
We do not charge you to use any of the functions.

Your personal and weight loss information will be kept totally private.

100% Free and Private

Customizable to work with ANY Diet or Weight Management Plan  Customizable to work with ANY Diet or Weight Management Plan

The myOBW system can be customized to fit your needs and requirements no matter which diet or weight management plan you follow.
Diet Phases can be used to distinguish between different diets or certain periods. All calculations will be based on the current phase.

Customizable to work with ANY Diet or Weight Management Plan

Track your weight loss  Track your weight loss

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Recording your weight is easy and very flexible. Some of the many features are:
>> You can record your weight in lb's or kg's
>> Your weight can be entered as often or as infrequent as you like, whenever you weigh yourself
>> Your weight loss trendline can be changed to suit your body's rythm
>> Your weight loss graph can be limited to your current diet phase
>> Body Measurement trend shown on weight graph

Track your weight loss

Calculate your Ideal Weight and set your Weight Targets  Calculate your Ideal Weight and set your Weight Targets uses a number of scientific methods to calculate your ideal weight or optimal body weight. Many factors are taken into account, including your age, height, bone structure and sex.
Work towards achieving this ideal weight or set your own weight targets and see how your target date gets closer as you approach your target weight.

Calculate your Ideal Weight and set your Weight Targets

Track your body measurement changes  Track your body measurement changes

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>> Easily keep record of your critical body measurements (neck, chest, waist, thighs and many more) as they change over time.
>> Body measurements are an important ingredient in the calculation of ideal weight
>> Your overall loss metric, as shown on the dashboard graph provides a very good indication of real weight loss

Track your body measurement changes

BMI calculator  BMI calculator

Body Mass Index provides a reliable indicator of the level of body fatness for most people of the general population and thus an important indicator to monitor.
The myOBW system will calculate body mass index values at every point during your weight loss program.

BMI calculator

Diet and excercise diary  Diet and excercise diary

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In addition to your food journal you can also record and keep track of:
>> special events influencing your diet.
>> exercises

Displayed on a calendar it clearly shows your diet trends and triggers.

Diet and excercise diary

Large expandable food database  Large expandable food database

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More than 7000 food items, covering a large variety, have already been analized for nutritional composition and value.
>> Easily create your own dishes or meals and let the myOBW system calculate the nutritional composition of the recipe.
>> Create your personal or family pantry consisting of all your favourite food items and meals.

Large expandable food database