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Can a chromium supplement help me lose weight

Question: A friend told me that she takes a chromium supplement to help her lose weight. Is this a good diet pill to take?

Answer: Your body needs very small quantities of chromium to help your body process glucose. This link prompted scientists to investigate the benefits of chromium picolinate supplements for weight loss as well as for the treatment of insulin resistance.

As can be expected, many companies jumped on the bandwagon to promote chromium picolinate supplements as an aid to weight loss with claims that it helps to stabilize your blood sugar, increase lean muscle mass and promote fat loss. Of course, keeping your blood sugar levels stable is very important in managing your weight, because that is the key to controlling your appetite.

A number of scientific studies were conducted to test these claims with very little success. Results obtained from these studies showed that chromium picolinate supplementation does not help increase lean muscle mass nor does it help people lose weight.

Studies to examine the benefits of chromium picolinate supplements as an aid in the treatment of insulin resistance (and improvement in blood sugar levels) delivered mixed results, as small improvements in glucose resistance were reported in some trials while improved short-term insulin levels reported on others, with no change in insulin sensitivity. Opinions still vary and the FDA issued a statement in 2006 indicating that the relationship between insulin resistance and the use of Chromium Picolinate supplements is still highly uncertain.

The best way to keep your blood sugar levels stable is to eat regularly, and to follow a healthy diet that contains plenty of lean protein as well as fresh fruit and fresh vegetables. The most important aspect of a healthy diet (especially if you are concerned about your blood sugar levels) is to stay away as far as possible from refined carbs, including white bread, cake, pastries, sweets and anything else sweetened with sugar.

Can CLA help me lose weight

Question: Can CLA help me lose weight and is it a safe diet pill to use?

Answer: Yes, CLA can assist you in your weight loss journey. CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is a substance naturally found mostly in meat and dairy products. CLA was first investigated in the late 1970′s for its anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties and claims with regards to these properties are reasonably well supported by scientific studies. In July 2008, the FDA issued a letter awarding CLA Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status for certain food categories; including fluid milk, yoghurt, meal replacement shakes and nutritional bars. This means that the well managed addition of CLA to these products is regarded as a safe practice by the FDA.

Results of more than 30 clinical trials have been published regarding weight loss and CLA – all designed to assess the impact of CLA on fat mass. The varying designs and objectives of these studies complicate the overall findings somewhat, but the general consensus appears to be that CLA can indeed assist in reducing fat mass (especially belly fat) while simultaneously increasing lean muscle mass. It must be noted that CLA can only work as a weight loss aid in addition to a healthy, balanced nutrition and exercise plan; and is not expected to be very effective on its own.

Preliminary studies indicate that there may be a basis for some of the health concerns raised with regards to excessive use of CLA, namely increased risk of insulin resistance and diabetes, as well as cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases. The actual health risks to humans is still far from established. Scientists currently appear to be in agreement that foods naturally enriched with CLA are safe, but are still hesitant to declare CLA supplements safe for use in humans.

In answer to your question on whether CLA is a safe weight loss supplement then…our take on this based on the information available to us at this time would be that CLA supplements, provided that you choose products manufactured by reputable suppliers should be safe to use as long as you don’t exceed the suggested dosage. It is unclear to us what the difference would be between taking a CLA supplement and getting your share of CLA in the form of an additive to a meal replacement shake or a nutrition bar.

Are the weight loss pills offered by the Young You Corporation safe

Question: A friend suggested that I use the Slimbionic diet pills manufactured by Young You to lose weight. She said she lost 20 pounds in two months using it. Is it an effective diet pill and is it safe to use?

Answer: Based on the information available to us today, our advice would be to avoid Slimbionic until we know for sure that it is safe to use. On 17 July 2009 the Young You Corporation and the FDA issued a press release to inform consumers and health care professionals that four of the weight loss pills sold by Young You were tested and found to contain an undeclared ingredient called sibutramine. Sibutramine is a controlled substance that should not be used without medical supervision. According to the press release the weight loss products were being recalled and consumers were advised to stop using them immediately. The products involved were Slimbionic, One Weight Loss Pill, SlimDemand Capsules and Botanical Weight Loss. Sibutramine is often used in prescription weight loss pills as an appetite suppressant that works by manipulating the levels of certain neurotransmitters in your brain. Side effects of sibutramine (when used incorrectly) can include increased blood pressure, tachycardia (rapid heartbeat), seizures, palpitations, heart attack and stroke and pulse. Customers with a history of congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, arrhythmia or stroke are at greater risk.

We did contact the Young You Corporation for additional information and will update this answer as soon as we get a response from them. In the mean time, if you really are looking for a strong appetite suppressant, it may be better to contact your medical professional and ask him to prescribe a diet pill for you. If you are looking for a safer herbal alternative, try Hoodia Gordonii.

Is Imelda Perfect Slim a safe diet pill to use

Question: I’ve heard that Imelda Perfect Slim was taken off the market last year following a warning by the FDA. I personally lost 50 pounds effortlessly on Imelda Perfect Slim about two years ago. While I was taking Imelda Perfect Slim I actually forgot to eat, something that never happened to me before. I experienced an indifference to food that was just wonderful. It appears Imelda Perfect Slim is available on the Internet again. Does that mean it is now reformulated and safe to use?

Answer: Imelda Perfect Slim is on the FDA’s list of tainted weight loss products (available over the counter/ on the internet without prescription) tested and found to contain unacceptable quantities of controlled substances. The samples of Imelda Perfect Slim tested was found to contain Sibutramine and Phenolphthalein. The use of both of these drugs can result in rather severe side-effects – and if you take this diet pill while on other medication you may find that the interaction between the drugs aggravate and increase the already potentially serious side effects.

Sibutramine, when used for weight loss, is prescribed by doctors as an appetite suppressant. It works by manipulating the neurotransmitters in your brain. Most people tolerate the drug in the prescribed doses reasonably well, reporting side effects such as insomnia, nausea and headaches. More serious, but relatively rare side effects reported include seizures, mood changes, fever and jaundice.

Phenolphthalein was originally used in many over-the-counter laxatives, but has since been removed since it emerged that the use of this drug may cause cancer. There are also studies suggesting that Phenolptalein can cause damage or changes to your DNA, which in turn can lead to many other serious health problems.

When you consider the ingredients contained in Imelda Perfect Slim, it is likely that this diet pill will suppress your appetite and that you will lose weight because you take in fewer calories. But without medical supervision the use of Imelda Perfect Slim can be rather dangerous. It is important that you follow a healthy diet while you are taking diet pills to ensure that your body still gets the necessary nutrients, and also so you can maintain that weight loss once you stop taking the pills. If you eat too little, you risk letting your body go into starvation mode or even worse, jeopardizing your health in general.

Imelda Super Slim still appears on the current FDA tainted weight loss product list, and our investigations yielded no evidence of any reformulation of the product to exclude scheduled substances. It must be noted that many of the products on the list are still available, despite attempts by the FDA to get these products recalled. In our opinion it is best to avoid using Imelda Perfect Slim, or any products on the FDA’s tainted diet pill list until such time as it is clear that the problem ingredients were taken care of, and that the necessary quality assurance procedures have been implemented by manufacturers to ensure your safety.

I need a diet pill that can help me stop overeating

Question: I am really tired of spending my money on weight loss pills and supplements that don’t work, but I need help. I am hungry all the time and just can not stop eating. I can’t control myself, but I simply have to lose weight. I need something that works! All help will be appreciated.

Answer: The best diet pill for you depends on your dietary preferences. I will suggest some weight loss pills you may want to consider, but it is important to realize that while these pills may help you lose weight a bit faster; any sustainable weight loss can only be brought about by a permanent change in eating habits for the better. You don’t mention your main “poison”; but if junk food or store-bought snacks are what you keep on craving, I’d suggest you read this review of David Kessler’s the End of Overeating first. Most of these processed food products have been specifically manufactured with just the right mix of fat, salt and sugar to lead to food addiction. The only way to overcome addiction to junk food is to switch to a healthy, balanced diet based on natural foods.

If you still want to proceed in trying out a weight loss pill, you may want to consider Alli. Alli is a FDA approved diet pill that works by blocking fat absorption, but it should only be used if you are seriously sticking to a very low fat diet otherwise the side effects can be embarrassing. You can find more information on this fat blocker in the following review of Alli. Another product that prevents fat absorption is Proactol.

If you are not planning to go on a low fat diet, you may want to try NuPhedrine. NuPhedrine contains bitter orange for its fat burning or thermogenic qualities, along with Hoodia Gordonii as appetite suppressant. As you may know, ephedra has been banned for use in weight loss pills. Many of the popular weight loss products were subsequently reformulated with bitter orange as replacement for ephedra. Although bitter orange is not as strong a stimulant as ephedra is, it is still a stimulant so do not take it unless you are healthy. Pay special attention to any predispositions for heart problems. NuPhedrine can be used with any diet. More information van be found in this review of NuPhedrine.

Does Alli work and what are the side effects?

Question: I find it really hard to lose weight, and think that I may lose weight faster with Alli? Does this diet pill actually work and what are the side effects?

Answer: Alli is one of very few weight loss pills that are actually FDA approved, so it can be argued that it is safer for you than the majority of untested diet pills available on the market. Alli works by preventing your body from absorbing about 25% of your total fat intake; thereby reducing your daily calorie intake. Alli is in essence then a fat blocker. Clinical trials have shown that Alli can help you lose 50% more weight than you would have if you only followed a healthy low fat diet.

Because Alli works only on the digestive tract, its side effects are limited. If you do not stick to a low fat diet, the use of Alli it can have some very embarrassing side effects that may require you to start carrying around an extra pair of undies. If you stick to a low fat calorie controlled diet though, the only “side effect” should be that you may soon need to invest in new outfits!

Just remember – while Alli can only help you lose weight a bit faster, the real work is in making sure that you follow a healthy low fat diet. While Alli can provide that extra boost; it will not help you lose weight in any sustainable way unless you change your eating habits permanently.

More information on how this diet pill works can be found in this review of Alli. You may also find it helpful to track you calorie & fat intake using this free online food diary.

Is the new reformulated Hydroxycut Advanced safe

Question: I’ve noticed that Hydroxycut is back on the market reformulated as Hydroxycut Advanced. Is it now safe to use?

Answer: Hydroxycut products were voluntarily recalled by Iovate Health Sciences (the manufacturers) from the market in the beginning of May 2009, following a damning FDA report advising customers to immediately stop using the majority of Hydroxycut products. This warning was issued by the FDA following 23 reports of serious health problems directly related to the use of Hydroxycut. Reported incidents include cases where the use of this popular weight loss supplement resulted in the death of one man and necessitated a liver transplant on a woman. Several lawsuits have already been filed. For more background on the original FDA report see this article on the recall of Hydroxycut.

Barely two months after the Hydroxycut products were recalled, a reformulated version of the popular “fat burner” Hydroxycut weight loss pill is back on the market as Hydroxycut Advanced. Interestingly, it is packaged to look similar to the widely popular original Hydroxycut product. Iovate Health Sciences indicated that, after further analysis of the incidents and the ingredients in the original products, they were unable to isolate the ingredient that may have caused these serious side effects. In an attempt to make the product safer, it was reformulated and many of the ingredients changed. That Hydroxycut Advanced was put back on the market so soon after the recall (2 months) suggests that it may not be properly tested. It is therefor still unclear how safe this weight loss product is. With so many ingredient changes, it can also be argued that Hydroxycut Advanced is a totally different product with an unproven track record as far as effectiveness go. Our recommendation at this stage remains to steer clear of Hydroxycut products until more tests are done.

Does the Acai Berry work for weight loss

Question: I read of so many people that claim to have lost weight using acai berry supplements. Is it true that acai can help you lose weight?

Answer: No. The Acai Berry is a great source of anti-oxidants with the result that does possess anti-aging and cancer fighting properties; but as far as weight loss goes, it really does not offer any real benefits. It is just another fruit and as such can be a great addition to a healthy diet for increased variety. Fruit contain lots of sugar though, so try to restrict your fruit portions to about two per day. Beware of unscrupulous vendors selling Acai products. Some of them falsely claim an association with Oprah Winfrey, and are currently being sued. Many of them imply that Oprah endorsed acai as a weight loss product, which is untrue. There are also a number of vendors out there that automatically ships a monthly supply of acai to you once you’ve signed up, and then make it extremely difficult to cancel the order! For more info see this discussion of acai and weight loss.