Is the new reformulated Hydroxycut Advanced safe

Question: I’ve noticed that Hydroxycut is back on the market reformulated as Hydroxycut Advanced. Is it now safe to use?

Answer: Hydroxycut products were voluntarily recalled by Iovate Health Sciences (the manufacturers) from the market in the beginning of May 2009, following a damning FDA report advising customers to immediately stop using the majority of Hydroxycut products. This warning was issued by the FDA following 23 reports of serious health problems directly related to the use of Hydroxycut. Reported incidents include cases where the use of this popular weight loss supplement resulted in the death of one man and necessitated a liver transplant on a woman. Several lawsuits have already been filed. For more background on the original FDA report see this article on the recall of Hydroxycut.

Barely two months after the Hydroxycut products were recalled, a reformulated version of the popular “fat burner” Hydroxycut weight loss pill is back on the market as Hydroxycut Advanced. Interestingly, it is packaged to look similar to the widely popular original Hydroxycut product. Iovate Health Sciences indicated that, after further analysis of the incidents and the ingredients in the original products, they were unable to isolate the ingredient that may have caused these serious side effects. In an attempt to make the product safer, it was reformulated and many of the ingredients changed. That Hydroxycut Advanced was put back on the market so soon after the recall (2 months) suggests that it may not be properly tested. It is therefor still unclear how safe this weight loss product is. With so many ingredient changes, it can also be argued that Hydroxycut Advanced is a totally different product with an unproven track record as far as effectiveness go. Our recommendation at this stage remains to steer clear of Hydroxycut products until more tests are done.

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  • I am using the new hidroxycut formula. I have an history of Med. toxic hepatitis due to tylenol (pain killier-fever reducer) over dosed during a flu.
    today, I am worried. but I think about finishing my pack of hydroxicut by the end of next week. I have lost 25 pounds. and have 10 pounds to go.I feel very good. my skin is not yellow (jaundice like) and have no abdominal pain.
    I just hope nothing in wrong with me cause knowing that the garcina Cambodgia is removed from the old formula, reinsures me.
    total, I went 3 time to the ER for liver damaged due to pain killer… (acetaminophen , Ibuprofen and aspirin) each time… but not for hydroxycut…

  • addendum : the 3 time that i went to the ER were prior knowing about the weight loss pill (hydroxicut)

  • Hydroxycut Advanced is essentially just a caffeine pill. There isn’t anything particularly dangerous in it – but the main effective components of the old hydroxycut have been taken out and not replaced with anything else

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