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Can Diet Sodas actually help you lose weight

Question: I always thought diet sodas are great if you want to lose weight, but someone told me it may actually hinder rather than help weight loss efforts?

Answer: The jury is still out on this question, although there does seem to be at least some evidence that aspartame (the artificial sweetener typically used in diet sodas) can disrupt the balance of the hormones in your endocrine system, which is also responsible for your metabolism. So yes, diet sodas can potentially slow down your metabolism and result in weight gain. Aspertame has also been identified as a potentially carcinogenic substance, i.e. there are evidence linking the use of aspartame to cancer. The best thing to do is switch to water. If you need to use an artificial sweetener, try and stick to sucralose (Splenda), or Stevia. They are both regarded as safe artificial sweeteners, and they can be of great assistance in reducing your daily calorie intake. Continue reading ‘Can Diet Sodas actually help you lose weight’