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How do I stop overeating

Question: Within an hour after I’ve had breakfast I’m hungry again, and then I just keep on snacking the rest of the day. How do I regain control of what I eat?

Answer: Many people wanting to lose weight believe that cereal is a great start to a new day. Or a bagel. Or pancakes. Very often it is a meal high in refined carbohydrates and low in protein and fiber. When you eat something high in simple carbohydrates for example sugar, refined flour, potato, etc; it causes a spike in your blood sugar levels (sugar rush) for a short period of time, only to be followed by low blood sugar levels an hour or so later. Low blood sugar levels send signals to your brain that you need food, and suddenly you are ravenous. This vicious cycle is repeated every time you have a high carb meal or snack. Protein, good fats, and fiber rich foods on the other hand take a long time to digest, and does not result in major blood sugar imbalances, with the result that you stay fuller for longer, and remain in control of your appetite. So with every snack or meal try to include some lean protein, good fats like olive oil and fiber-rich fruit or vegetables.

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