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What does it mean for my diet when they say calorie or kcal

Question: Okay, if 1 kCal equals 1000 calories, then my 20 oz cup of herbal tea is giving me 36000 calories?!? Heck, I might never eat or drink again if that’s the case! I think somebody entered something in wrong, either that or I’m missing something. Here I am thinking that I’m staying within my guidelines and I keep coming up with all these insane calorie counts! Help?

Answer: This is a fair question and it is easy to get confused on this since most diet websites do not stick to the scientific conventions and loosely talk about calories for convenience’s sake. Most often, whenever you see references to calories (or cal) in popular magazines or non-scientific websites, you can assume that they refer to kcal or kilogram calories. Some countries use food calories, where 1 food calorie is equal to 1kcal. 1 kcal (1000 calories) can also be indicated by using Cal, with a capital C, as opposed to cal. The average woman should consume approximately 2000 Cal (kcal) and the average man approximately 2500 Cal per day, so you are quite safe in having your herbal tea containing a mere 36 Cal.

Of course we all have different energy requirements. For more information on how this is calculated and how many calories you should consume to lose weight see this note on total energy requirements and our free weight loss tools