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I need a diet pill that can help me stop overeating

Question: I am really tired of spending my money on weight loss pills and supplements that don’t work, but I need help. I am hungry all the time and just can not stop eating. I can’t control myself, but I simply have to lose weight. I need something that works! All help will be appreciated.

Answer: The best diet pill for you depends on your dietary preferences. I will suggest some weight loss pills you may want to consider, but it is important to realize that while these pills may help you lose weight a bit faster; any sustainable weight loss can only be brought about by a permanent change in eating habits for the better. You don’t mention your main “poison”; but if junk food or store-bought snacks are what you keep on craving, I’d suggest you read this review of David Kessler’s the End of Overeating first. Most of these processed food products have been specifically manufactured with just the right mix of fat, salt and sugar to lead to food addiction. The only way to overcome addiction to junk food is to switch to a healthy, balanced diet based on natural foods.

If you still want to proceed in trying out a weight loss pill, you may want to consider Alli. Alli is a FDA approved diet pill that works by blocking fat absorption, but it should only be used if you are seriously sticking to a very low fat diet otherwise the side effects can be embarrassing. You can find more information on this fat blocker in the following review of Alli. Another product that prevents fat absorption is Proactol.

If you are not planning to go on a low fat diet, you may want to try NuPhedrine. NuPhedrine contains bitter orange for its fat burning or thermogenic qualities, along with Hoodia Gordonii as appetite suppressant. As you may know, ephedra has been banned for use in weight loss pills. Many of the popular weight loss products were subsequently reformulated with bitter orange as replacement for ephedra. Although bitter orange is not as strong a stimulant as ephedra is, it is still a stimulant so do not take it unless you are healthy. Pay special attention to any predispositions for heart problems. NuPhedrine can be used with any diet. More information van be found in this review of NuPhedrine.

How do I stop overeating

Question: Within an hour after I’ve had breakfast I’m hungry again, and then I just keep on snacking the rest of the day. How do I regain control of what I eat?

Answer: Many people wanting to lose weight believe that cereal is a great start to a new day. Or a bagel. Or pancakes. Very often it is a meal high in refined carbohydrates and low in protein and fiber. When you eat something high in simple carbohydrates for example sugar, refined flour, potato, etc; it causes a spike in your blood sugar levels (sugar rush) for a short period of time, only to be followed by low blood sugar levels an hour or so later. Low blood sugar levels send signals to your brain that you need food, and suddenly you are ravenous. This vicious cycle is repeated every time you have a high carb meal or snack. Protein, good fats, and fiber rich foods on the other hand take a long time to digest, and does not result in major blood sugar imbalances, with the result that you stay fuller for longer, and remain in control of your appetite. So with every snack or meal try to include some lean protein, good fats like olive oil and fiber-rich fruit or vegetables.

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