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Does the Acai Berry work for weight loss

Question: I read of so many people that claim to have lost weight using acai berry supplements. Is it true that acai can help you lose weight?

Answer: No. The Acai Berry is a great source of anti-oxidants with the result that does possess anti-aging and cancer fighting properties; but as far as weight loss goes, it really does not offer any real benefits. It is just another fruit and as such can be a great addition to a healthy diet for increased variety. Fruit contain lots of sugar though, so try to restrict your fruit portions to about two per day. Beware of unscrupulous vendors selling Acai products. Some of them falsely claim an association with Oprah Winfrey, and are currently being sued. Many of them imply that Oprah endorsed acai as a weight loss product, which is untrue. There are also a number of vendors out there that automatically ships a monthly supply of acai to you once you’ve signed up, and then make it extremely difficult to cancel the order! For more info see this discussion of acai and weight loss.